9 Benefits Uses of Vitamin E Oil


9 Benefits Uses of Vitamin E Oil 

The winter months are almost upon us and I am sure many of you have already armed yourselves with thousands of creams, lotions and oils to fight the winter woes. Well, when we speak of the winter woes the first thing that comes to our mind is a dry flaky or scaly rough skin that would leave unsightly white lines when scratched. The other very common ‘woes’ are cracked heels, chapped dry lips and excessively dry frizzy lifeless hair that you will almost dread to comb. One common solution many of us resort to for battling against these problems is oiling of our skin and hair generously. But when you are choosing oil for oiling purpose you must know which could be the best option. Hydration and moisture balancing is the prime requirement of our skin in the dry winter months.

  1. Oiling from outside with just any and every body oil or hair oil can hydrate your skin or hair momentarily but if you opt for a Vitamin E Oil, it’ll indeed be a smart choice on your part because Vitamin E Oil gets readily absorbed in to your skin or scalp, offers 24/7 hydration along with supplying your skin or your hair with the much required nutrient; i.e. Vitamin E, that improves their health. So that’s the first benefit of Vitamin E Oil.
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  • If your profession demands you to work under the sun for prolonged hours, then application of the Vitamin E Oil can safeguard your skin as well as hair from Ultra-Violet damage. So you can keep things like sun tanning, sunburns and photo aging at bay with the help of this wonderful oil.


  • Regular use of Vitamin E oil can make your hair exceptionally lustrous, smooth. The Vitamin E will supply all the required nourishment to the hair roots and ward off problems like dandruff, hair fall, dull hair, rough hair, split ends etc. Your hair will get remarkable volume, density and all the damage that might have occurred due to pollution or reckless styling will get restored within a short time span.


  • If you are embarrassed due to any sort of scars, blemishes or spots on your skin, application of Vitamin E Oil on regular basis can erase those and make you feel easy. Spots could be anything like acne scars, burn marks, stretch marks, brown spots, age spots and so on. Apply the oil twice a day for better results.


  • Many people like adding few drops of oil to their bath water. Here you can add the nourishing Vitamin E oil to your bath water and give yourself a hydrating bath that’ll not strip you of your natural oils but will leave your hair and skin soft and smooth enough.


  • If you are truly beauty conscious then anything other than Vitamin E Oil shouldn’t actually be your choice. The application of this oil regularly can elongate the ‘time’ of your youth by inducing collagen production and preventing your skin from sagging. Thus you will look 10 years than what your actual age is!


  • If your heel fissures are not allowing you to take even a step or your dry chapped lips are so rough that they are almost on the verge of bleeding, treat them immediately with Vitamin E Oil. It is a potent combination of sufficient hydration and healing nourishment of the essential Vitamin E. Within few days of usage your heels will heal and lips will turn rosy and petal soft.


  • Vitamin E Oil if used regularly on skin can retard the rate of wrinkling of skin and at the same time it is potent enough to erase the existing fine lines such as ‘laugh lines’


  • If you wish to indulge in an effective skin cleansing ritual then its Vitamin E Oil again that can help you in deep pore cleansing by removing all dirt, dust, grime and other contaminants from your skin. What you have to do is soak a cotton swab in the oil and gently rub your skin with it.

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