Vitamin E Oil For Treating Acne


Vitamin E Oil For Treating Acne

Acne is one of the most common and annoying skin problems faced by millions of people around the globe. It is the result of rising hormone levels that cause oversensitive glands. It blocks canals that bring oil to the surface, traps bacteria that multiply, and causes inflammation and irritation.

Also it affects both in teenagers and adults, but in teenagers mainly because the real culprit of acne is a hormone called androgen. The hormone is mainly produced in large quantities during puberty to help our bodies grow from children to adults.

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil review

The role of Vitamin E oil in treating acnes is impeccable and irreplaceable. Regular application of vitamin E oil on skin can help you to get rid of various skin problems and bring about marked improvement in the texture of your skin. Vitamin E oil is naturally-occurring oil, which acts as an antioxidant and prevents the formation of free radicals on the skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the presence of such essential qualities, it is very good for the skin and specially for treating acnes.

Rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin E oil, be it in the form of oil, cream, or capsules, is extremely good, as it makes the skin supple, and reduces age lines and spots.

Vitamin E Oil For Acne

And now we will be talking about how to use Vitamin E oil to reduce acne

  • Evion capsule is my go to solution for acnes and pimples. These are the small green capsules which are usually recommended by physicians for patients who lack vitamin E. There are many ways of using it, my favorite is consuming a capsule once daily for a few days, give a break of a few days and again continue taking it for a few days. But you must consult your physician as these should only be consumed as per recommendation.
  • Another way in which you can treat your acne is by directly applying Vitamin E oil on the acne and pimples. When treating acnes and pimples, we all have this urge of squeezing out the pus from it. By doing this you simply open up the pore to additional outside bacterial infection and increase the likelihood of forming a scar. So, never pop your pimples.
    Instead pick the Evion capsule, take out the oil and apply on the infected areas. You can also mix the Vitamin oil with Tea tree oil to work better and faster.

Vitamin E Capsules uses

Use as a Moisturizer

  • You can also include Vitamin E oil in your daily skin care routine. Mix a few drops with your moisturizer and apply daily before going to bed. When scrubbing, pour in a few drops of Vitamin E oil in your scrub and gently massage on face and neck. For face packs, mix a few drops of the Vitamin E oil with your other favourite ingredients and apply on face and neck. As for treating acne, I would recommend you to use sandalwood, multani mitti, honey and lemon as face pack ingredients.
  • Vitamin E is a natural moisturizer, so applying it to the acne after it begins to clear up can help to moisturise the abrasive skin, smoothen skin and rebuild new skin cells to repair the damage. In that way the acnes won’t scar as well. Te oil softens up the skin of the affected area, and then lightens the mark in a few weeks.

Have you ever used Vitamin E oil to treat acnes?

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  1. Nice post madhubani 🙂 I did know of vit e s benefits for the skin but didn’t know that We can use it for acne prone skin too . Will definitely try the evion capsule on my acne scars 🙂


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