Vitamins And What They Do


Vitamins And What They Do

We all are aware how important and necessary vitamins are for our body to work properly. From our childhood only, we have been listening by our parents and teachers about eating Vitamin and minerals rich food. So let’s take a look on how many types of Vitamins are there and what are their uses.

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So basically, Vitamins are of two types:

  • Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • Water Soluble Vitamins

Fat Soluble Vitamins

These Vitamins are the Vitamins which your body needs every day to function properly, but as these Vitamins gets stored in our liver and fatty tissues for future needs. So we do not have to consume them daily or eat products daily which contain them.

These Vitamins are found mainly in fatty foods and animal products like dairy foods, oily fish, vegetable oils, eggs and butter.

Note: It is a proven fact that if Fat soluble Vitamins are consumed more than required for our body, they can be very harmful.

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Fat Soluble Vitamins are-

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very good for eyesight growth. Eye drops contains a good amount of Vitamin A and thus at time of eye irritation, they give a instant relax.

Also for appetite and taste, Vitamin A is considered to be very good.

Vitamin D

For Strong bones and bones growth Vitamin D is helpful. Also for whiter and stronger teeth, dentist recommends Vitamin D pills.

You can also find this Vitamin mentioned in toothpastes being one of the main ingredient.

Vitamin E

For Fighting toxins, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is used world wide.

Vitamin K

We need this vitamin for proper blood clotting in our body. In leafy green vegetables and in cabbage, you can easily find it. Also in Milk there is a good quantity of Vitamin K.


Water Soluble Vitamins

Water Soluble Vitamins are just opposite of Fat Soluble Vitamins as they are not stored in the body and we have to take them regularly for the proper functioning of our body. If you consume these Vitamins more than your body requires, it won’t harm your body as the Vitamins will get out of your body when you urinate.

Note: It is still not recommended to ignore the fact that no excess is good, so it simply means that large amount of these Vitamins should not be consumed thinking they will get out when you will urinate.

Water Soluble Vitamins are easily found in fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy products.

We have to keep in mind this thing that we lose many Vitamins when we cook our food. So to keep them, we should either go for steam process or to grill the foods, rather than boil them. Or if you have to cook in any case, then do not throw the water, use it any other way like while preparing flour for Chapatis or making Daals and other Water based Vegetables.

vitamins and what they do

Water Soluble Vitamins are:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is exceptionally good for Immune defense system, for protection from viruses and bacteria. Also for fast and natural healing wounds, For reducing extra cholesterol present in our body, cell lifespan and preventing scurvy.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is known for maintaining and taking care of proper functioning of Nervous system, digestion, muscles. Also it is very good for heart patients.

For people whose nerve tissues are damaged because of alcohol addiction, this Vitamin helps in repairing them.

For Human body Growth- skin, nails, hair. Also people who face the problem of sensitive lips and tongue, Vitamin D helps a lot.

Vitamin B for improving eyesight.

Hope you all find this information useful!

Di you know about these benefits of Vitamins?

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