Vitamins For Hair and Nail Growth

 By Gunjan ,      

Our hair and nail and a good indicator of the general health and condition of our body.Any kind of illness and stress can be easily reflected through the skin and fingernails.When our body is neglected it goes through extreme pressure conditions and result is brittle, thinning, breaking and spiting.Even when the body is deficient of any essential nutrients, the hair and fingernails shows the signs.

Vitamins for hair and nails
Even though our finger nail and hair are are deal cells but they are important indicator of general well being of a person.When the body does not receive essential nutrients, or if it loses the ability to absorb nutrients from the food it causes the body to use internal resources.

Now question is how one can derive the essential nutrients?

One can derive essential nutrients from the food that contains major vitamins like

Vitamin A(it produces healthy sebum in the scalp)
Vitamin C (It is an antioxidant)
Vitamin E (It Improves scalp circulation)
Biotin(Produce Keratin)
InoKeeps hair follicles healthy)
Niacin (Promotes scalp circulation)
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12(prevents aging and hair loss)
Vitamin E

Out of all these vitamin E is found to have the significant influence on the health of not fingernails and hair.

Most common food based source of vitamins are:-

1. Citrus Fruits
2. Green Vegetables
3. Fruits like Pine apples, Strawberries and kiwi
4. Potatoes, cheese, vegetable oils
5. Soya bean, raw seeds, dried beans, wheat germ oil.
6.Eggs. Liver,Milk, Rice, Fish , Chicken and Red Meat.

Beside this other nutrients required by the body are proteins and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids.

Your fingernails may be trying to get your attention, and if you are not happy with the way they look, it may be time to examine your diet and consider adding some important supplements. Vitamins for your fingernails can improve their strength and appearance while also boosting your overall health.

Before I finish the article I would like to share a simple nail polish tip – 

By dipping your nail in ice cold water it guarantees that the nails are well- polished and not smudged.


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