Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva set to get married

So the guy who started with a bang with a superhit in Bollywood and whom every one thought will not have to look back is finally getting married with a girl chosen by his parents.When Vivek stepped into Bollywood it was perceived  that he has a great future ahead  until he got involved with Aishwarya and indirectly took panga with Salman Khan.
Vivek himself says that its been years but still that press conference haunts him and the news refuses to die till date. Though after Aishwarya Vivek had a series of link up ranging from Neeru Baweja, Vidya Balan to Gurpreet gill  but he has chosen to settle down with a girl selected by his parents .

Hope Priyanka Alva, daughter of Jeevraj Alva, (former Karnatka Minster)who is a Business Management student brings lot of good luck in Vivek’s life and makes him forget what he has gone through.
 Marriage is expected to take place on October 29.I hope Aishwarya is not jealous because all the men who she has dated have not got married after she left them.


  1. @ hahahahaha..i think we all have sympathies for vivek now..poor guy suffered for nothing…his carrier went for toss and lost the girl also who he was in love with.

  2. If I remember correctly, he was engaged to a model called Gurpreet who he dumped the very minute Ash showed interest in him. So I always felt he deserved the come-uppance served to him by Salman.I think after madhuri dixit, this is the second time I have read of an actor going for arranged marriage. Hope things take a turn for the better for him.

  3. I know Tanz even I was thinking of this..What goes around comes around..U know in one of the interview Gurpreet said that Oberois are big people and I can't expose Vivek ..but don u think he suffered too much for it…Because breaking and hooking up for them is like a 2 minute maggi like thing.make it have and forget it.

  4. Gud that he got engaged!I had a huge crush on him after watching saathiya for the 1st time!I used to watch saathiya every weekend after coming from school!I was so disappointed when he started dating ashwariya!Did u guys watched da show in which ash turned her face and was making faces wen vivek came on stage!immature woman!gud gud!I hope his fiancee is pretty but not plastic!


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