Vivel Purifying Face Wash For Pimple Control Review


Vivel Face Wash

The only reason why for I brought this face wash was because it claimed to control pimples and contained the goodness of green tea extracts. Though I do keep a good routine, but products with pimple control claim still attract me.

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Vivel Purifying Face Wash for Pimple control review+ vivel


Price: Between Rs.60-Rs.70

The packaging is normal like most other face washes, flip flop tube. The face wash comes in a transparent color.

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Vivel Purifying Face Wash for Pimple control review+ vivel facewash


Now, the one part I hate is that it takes a lot of time and water to remove this face wash completely from the face since it leaves a slippery kind of feeling.

Coming to the pimple control claim, it doesn’t prevents pimples, not for me atleast. I have been keeping the same routine and I have still been getting tiny zits on my cheeks.

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Vivel Purifying Face Wash for Pimple control review+ vivel face wash


The only thing which I find good about this face wash is that it has got a refreshing citrusy smell which kind of lifts my mood.

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Vivel Purifying Face Wash for Pimple control review+ vivel+ pimple control solution


Though I don’t wish to convert this particular face wash’s fragrance into some scent, but sometimes I really wish I had something which could convert the exact fragrance of a skin care product into a proper scent.

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Vivel Purifying Face Wash for Pimple control review+ vivel+ pimple solution

What I like about Vivel Purifying Face Wash:

  • Decent price.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Refreshing scent.


What I don’t like about Vivel Purifying Face Wash:

  • Does nothing for pimple control or cure.
  • Lot of time required to get off the face wash completely from face for a face wash.


All in all this is an average face wash and I‘m surely not going to buy it again.


God Bless You! 🙂


Have you tried the Vivel Purifying Face Wash?

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  1. Nice review Heena :yes:
    Even i keep on grabbing the products which claims to be for acne prone skin…but as its difficult to rinse off….i wont be buying it.. :sidefrown:

  2. o sheesh!!! even i went n got clean n clear pimple somethin.. lolz.. it doesn claim to get rid of them but soothe them n does its job.. n i still get pimples.. so wat u using now??

  3. have you tried aroma therapy acne oil….u have to put a drop daily in ure face wash in the palm of ure hand…..reduced my brothers acne drastically

  4. ok first of all this product is not for me, i dont get pimples at easily and if i get, its only due to these silly products, Oh and Heens nice review da. 🙂
    Second is addressed to who ever edited this post, you have a nice sense of humour, just look at the “” , placed at the center if each pic and the font of it with a halo around it. I :heart: it, no offence, but that gets more attention than the product.. 😀


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