VLCC Anti Aging Chocolate Facial Kit Review


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Hello ladies, I shall alert you beforehand that this is going to be a longggg……. post, so buckle up please. I got this chocolate facial kit because I love chocolate, so the simply tempting box with cocoa seeds called out to me from the display. It’s an anti aging facial kit. Let me make it clear that this review is not focused on the anti aging claim, as we all know facials clean , pamper and soothe the skin only. I got this as it has anti oxidant properties of chocolate. Let me tell you about the packaging etc. in detail.


VLCC Anti-Ageing Chocolate Facial Kit Review


This kit is a card board box, which contains individual sachets. So you can open one sachet at a time and use. The box as well as each sachet contains all the information needed for use.

The box was worth 1000/- Rs. There were 8 sachets inside so one facial costs 125/- Rs.  If used once a week ,(as advised on the box) one box should last for 2 months.

It claims to reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate skin and leave skin youthful.  It boosts collagen and offers quick firming. Anti oxidants present in chocolate help in reducing visible signs of aging.
anti anging chocolate facial

Each sachet contains 4 packets:

  1. VLCC chocolate facial scrub
  2. VLCC chocolate facial pack
  3. VLCC chocolate facial cream
  4. VLCC chocolate facial serum

chocolat facial india

VLCC Anti aging facial review


step by step facial instructions

VLCC Chocolate facial scrub review


Now coming to the usage and experience with VLCC Anti aging chocolate facial kit


1. First of all, I wipe my face with a facial tissue and afterwards use a face wash, if necessary. Then I use the facial scrub for 4-5 minutes. It contains few small chocolate pieces which are to be crushed by pressing as told on the box. The facial scrub is a transparent liquid with tiny particles for scrubbing and few pieces of chocolate. It smells like chocolate. The scrub burns slightly in the beginning but feels very nourishing. Scrub particles are very gentle. The chocolate pieces are easy to crush and release a heady aroma of chocolate. It does not clean black heads as such.


vlcc choclate facial scrub review

hot to use chocolate facial scrubs

2. Then I wipe it off with a wet sponge. After thorough cleaning, I apply the face pack for 15-20 minutes. I don’t let it dry completely, as personally I don’t like the stretchy feeling.  Then I wash it off with water and pat dry. The face pack has a thick consistency so I mix little rose water in it. It smells like chocolate obviously. I didn’t feel any sensation as such.



chocolate facial creams vlcc

Chocolate facial packs reviews


3.Then I empty the facial cream in a bowl and take rose water in another. Taking the cream in small quantities, I massage it all over the face and neck for 10-15 minutes, using rose water when needed. Then I wipe the excessive cream off with damp cotton. The cream is not so thick and spreads quite easily.



VLCC Chocolate facial packs4.

VLCC chocolate facial cream review

The last step is massaging the facial serum. The consistency of serum is watery and it feels little oily. It gets absorbed easily. The face remains quite shiny after massaging. The brown color fades to a light tint. I let it remain for an hour or so and then wash it off with plain water. The face feels sticky for a while.




Once I added another step in the end, which I really liked (and have been following since). After applying serum, I applied Himalaya face pack. I noticed that if a face pack is applied at the end then the serum gets absorbed in the skin nicely without leaving any trace of shine or stickiness.

What I liked about VLCC Anti Aging Chocolate Facial Kit


  •   VLCC products are easily available as far as I know.
  • The quantity of each product is more than enough for one usage.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • The products contain so many good ingredients, apart from chocolate
  • A day or so after the facial, the skin feels rejuvenated and glows. Though the effect is temporary.
  • The chocolaty smell makes the process interesting.


What I do not like about VLCC Anti Aging Chocolate Facial Kit


  •   I expected the products to be of dark chocolate color, so felt little put down when I opened the sachet. But this is a personal choice; otherwise the light chocolate color seems nice.
  • I didn’t see any earth shattering difference in my skin as boasted on the box. Though I should clarify here that I didn’t use it every week. I used it once or twice a month. But still…
  • The facial serum leaves the skin oily.
  • I did my mum’s facial with it for a month but didn’t see any of the anti aging claims fulfilled. I didn’t expect any miracle but still some change in skin would have proved the anti aging thing.

Verdict: So basically I am little confused about this product. It’s an average product, which I use for feel good factor as it’s loaded with so many awesome ingredients. It does give the much needed dose of anti oxidants. But I am not going to buy it again.


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  1. I luv this facial kit…infact i have one at home right now…but as u mentioned Ashu, this did nothing for me too..I just luv the chociie fragrance that strays for long..otherwise nothing great..

    But yes, a colleague of mine got this done and her pimples reduced…her Parlor lady told her that chocolate helps relax distressed skin…so it may be useful for pimple or acne prone skin..

    • i have got mixed opinion for chocolate facials..few think that it makes their face oily and few just love it .:)

      u have this one..i wish this could be in strawberry or mango..what fun facial it would have been :drool::drool:

      • heehee…i hav combi skin and this doesn’t make my skin oily at all..but i guess it varies from person t person..i like this one only for the smell..warna it aint anythin special…

        Strawberry wud be amazing…yummy in the tummy! had lunch A?

  2. Anshu, its a nice detailed post…also i appreciate your honest review!!! Thanks Anamika taking pains to upload all the snaps….but at the end..its gud review.
    I am gud Ana….just returned last sunday…coping with jetlag!!!

  3. I havent tried any VLCC products yet. Whenever i read the name VLCC, all that comes to my mind are their slimming ads in the newspaper, which have the before and after pics 😀


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