VLCC Body Firming Lotion Review


VLCC Body Firming Lotion Review

Have you ever considered a body lotion that also creates firmer skin?  Okay, I’m game!  I had never thought of using such a product before my pregnancy and now I thought of giving it a try.  Every one who has had C-section is a victime of sagging skin.  It looks disgusting. Shape Up Body Firming Lotion is a unique moisturiser with a skin firming formula. It is an effective firming product that helps, tighten loose, sagging skin.

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Price Of VLCC Body Firming Lotion- INR 250

Ingredients of VLCC Body Firming Lotion:-

Ingredients are awesome.This lotion is enriched with a unique blend of natural and essential oils. Cyprus, Sweet Fennel, Lemon Grass, Olive oil, Borage oil, Silicon Blend, Carrot oil and frankincene oil.  These aid in cellulite correction and helps in skin rejuvenation.

Here is how you use it.   Take an appropriate amount of lotion in your palm and massage it gently all over the body.  Concentrate more on the parts that have loose and sagging skin.


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I only use a small amount of the product. I mix it with the slimming gel that I had previously reviewed HERE.  One needs to massage the product into the affected areas before it gets completely absorbed.  I massage it on my stomach and thigh area both of which currently have cellulite.  I do not use it on any other area of my body as they are pretty much in shape .
The body lotion isn’t very thick but it takes time to dry.  The price is reasonable considering how much we spend to lose our body fat :D.  I am not fond of the smell and it is not as foul as the pungent, balm like  fragrance of the gel.   I will have to use it until I find something better but I’m certain that it won’t be good for sensitive skin.  Once applied, it gets absorbed quickly and leaves behind a sensation even after I get dressed.  I guess that is the lotion doing its work.   I don’t like the smell of the lotion but i will keep using it till i get to know something better.

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Nothing comes easy.  No pain no gain.  This is an effective formulation that helps in collagen restoration hence works as an effective firming agent.  I do see little bit of firmness as compared to what it was two months back. Use it regularly, it will help tone and tighten your skin making it smooth, supple and moisturised.

What I like about VLCC Body Firming Lotion Review:-


  • Helps aid cellulite reduction
  • Good product from a reputed brand
  • Easily available in stores across the country and online
  • Very good ingredients
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Affordable
  • Good quantity
  • Little goes a long way
  • Regular use will surely help

What I don’t like about VLCC Body Firming Lotion Review:-


  • Takes time to dry as well so you will have to have some patience
  • Takes time to prove its self  so you will have to have even more patience
  • Fragrance is not too nice

Have you tried VLCC Body Firming Lotion Review?


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  1. Don’t worry bout the sagging skin ana. It will look horrible now n u’ll feel disturbed by it, but it WILL go away with time. I remember being horrified too since i always had the flattest of tummies. Massage does help but u won’t see results for atleast a few more months.

    • Nafisa..i know few friends whose tummy still look horrible even after 6 months..i don want it to stay although it is look MUCH MUCH better now.

      • yea…i was beginning to think it will never go away :pain: ppl also scared me saying post pregnancy tummy will never return to what it was before :sweat: But thankfully it did 🙂 N seeing all that ure doin, urs will surely return to its normal state fast 🙂

  2. a good product
    i had tried a similar lotion from avon.
    it did work on my arms..my arms look toned after using it but we need proper maintainence too..

  3. This is my first review on a product, but I had to tell you guys that the Somaluxe Firming Lotion does work. I’m a heavy girl, and this stuff truly works. I’ve only been using this product for a few days but I can already see results on my thighs and stomach. My skin is softer, tighter, and the cellulite on my thighs is visibly reduced.


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