VLCC Fair Skin Saffron Massage Gel Review


VLCC Fair Skin Saffron Massage Gel

Hi All,

We all love a radiant, healthy skin and so we keep making a lot of efforts- follow strict skin care regimens, whip face packs, buy a lot of skin-care products and what not.

I have oily skin and dusky complexion. My skin is patchy at forehead and chin so I always keep trying to get rid of the patches. But yes I don’t want to be fair just even-toned.

So when I asked the SA at a shop to suggest some magic potion again, she gave me VLCC Saffron Massage Gel. I was skeptical about using it as none of the VLCC product has worked for me in the past. But as it was a gel and said-‘ lightens and evens skin tone’, I decided to give it a shot.


VLCC Fair Skin Saffron Masage Gel



About VLCC Fair Skin Saffron Massage Gel :-

This unique massage gel lightens and brightens the complexion. It combines skin brightening extracts of Saffron and Mulberry which help fade way pigmentation and even the skin tone. Suitable for all skin types.

    • Price-  Rs. 235/- for 50 ml jar. It is available at most departmental stores.You can buy it from here
    • Shelf-life 2 years
    • Key Ingredients– Extracts of watermelon, cucumber, mulberry, orange, saffron, marigold and mulethi root.


vlcc massage gel ingredients


  • Packaging- The gel is packaged in a big beige coloured jar. The jar looks big from outside but is really small inside. I find the jar unattractive and miseading.
  • How to use- Take appropriate amount of gel and apply on clean skin, massage gently with wet fingertips for 8-10 minutes.It is also mentioned on the jar that the gel should be used thrice a week in combination with VLCC Insta Glow Face Pack for best results.

My experience with VLCC Saffron Massage Gel-


This is a red-coloured, thick gel. It is not runny and blends in my skin easily. The smell is really overpowering and it may be disliked by sensitive noses, though I don’t have one (I do have a nose but mine is not highly sensitive).


VLCC Fairness products                                                   

I decided to ‘unfollow’ the instructions on the jar and used it daily without the Insta Glow Face Pack as that pack didn’t work for me in past. So probably not the ‘best results’ but I was expecting some effect at least. The gel blends nicely and does not make my skin oily. But it doesn’t do what it claims. I have been using it since last two months but have seen no results. My skin is patchy and tanned as always. This one is again a huge disappointment from VLCC. Now I think that I’ll never buy a VLCC product again.


What I liked- Nothing, except that it doesn’t make my skin sticky.

What I didn’t like-

  • Strong smell
  • Does not reduce pigmentation
  • No brightening effect

Would I recommend VLCC Saffron Massage Gel– Never. It is also not very cheap so stay away.

Rating- .5/5


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  1. Gosh!! VLCC when will you start coming up with products that actually work 😛 sucha dud, btw do you feel any kind of improvement in your skin’s texture? just asking, the ingredient list sounds good.

  2. Thanks Anamika, Its a huge coincidence I was going to pick it up today when i came across your article. Saw it at a friend’s place and was curious to try it out. But now i think I have changed my mind. 🙂


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