VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Review

I am going to review VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo. I picked this up because I wanted something herbal for my hair and Vlcc is well known brand. I am in searching of a shampoo not only herbal which should’t contain Sodium laurate sulphate which is allergy for me…atlast i found this shampoo and picked up immediately…:)
VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Review+best anti hairfall shampoo

About VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

A revolutionary herbal combination of hibiscus extracts and coconut oil nourishes and strengthens the hair root. Unique minerals of hibiscus flower make hair healthy and reduce hair fall effectively, while coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair and provides extra conditioning leaving your hair soft and smooth. Hydrolyzed Keratin protects hair from pollution and reduces signs of damage.
  •  Usage: Use once or twice a week depending upon the condition of your hair.
  •  Price: Rs. 160 for 200 ml.
  • Shelf Life: 3 years.

My Take on VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

I was so excited to use this shampoo 🙂 :)…and same side i didn’t have any hope about the shampoo  until i used it. Its brownish in color and has runny watery liquid texture  and also has herbal smell which i like it..:).I usually massage my hair by coconut oil before half an hr…but all shampoo which i tried would dry out my hair :(…but, this shampoo is really awesome it makes my hair so soft and shiny which reminds me those days when i used shikkakai on my scool days…yeah….:)….really nice. I was so happy.very little amount is enough…:)….My mom herself told your hair looks so shiny like your school days.
VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Review+shampoo review

Pros of VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  •  Very pocket friendly.
  •  Easily available.
  •  Contains herbal extracts.
  • Has a conditioning effect.makes my hair really managable 🙂
  • very herbal basis

Cons of VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  • I did’t find any conssssss!

Will I repurchase this VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Yes definitely 🙂
Rating: 5/5

Have you tried VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo ?


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    • This shampoo really helping control hair fall also i want to tell one thing if hairfall caused by scalp problem we will cure from external…mostly vit and mineral also hemoglobin count reduction all cause hair fall so first we have to check the real factor of our hairfall 😕

      taking Biotin tablet will stop hair fall…but we have to maintain a healthy life…sprouts will help a healthy and shiny hair…

    • I dont think they have any effect on hair fall. the only way you can stop hairfall is thro a balanced diet, my derma told this. I am not sure if this shampoo works. !! ?:-)

  1. i hav used it …n hav finished many bottles but….it made me hair very hard n didnt controlled hair fall, n so i shifted to loreal(pink n black wala) 😉

    • Hahaha :laugh: recording to hair fall i have wrote an article n sent it to Anamika….She told she will publish
      let’s see which reason cause you hair fall??? 😕

  2. exactly salu, we need miracle products fr our hair n skin……seedha delivered from heaven :evilgrin: 😛 :silly: 😉
    n now iam again thinkng of changing my shampoo….but dont know to wch brand should i switch now… 😕

  3. same case with me.. no product seem to work.. i do believe that shampoos cant stop/reduce hairfall…

    all i look in them is atleast they dont cause more harifall or frizz out my hair… healthy diet & hair masks/supplements are the best way to keep them in check.. so hard to do!!! 🙁 pufff!!!


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