VLCC Kajal Review (Kajal Kohl)


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VLCC Kajal Review


  • Product claims – A unique formulation that does not smudge, smear or fade after application. The goodness of natural oils and herbal extract nourish and relax the eyes. Triphala helps in maintaining good vision. Relaxes and soothes eyes without smudging.
  • Price of VLCC Kajal Rs.135 for 2.5g
  • Key ingredients – Triphala, liquorice extracts, camphor, almond oil

Kajal or kohl pencils are always a craze among Indian women and I am no different. I was using the Biotique kajal and quite liked it except for the smudging part and then one of my friends suggested me this one.

VLCC Kajal Review What I like About VLCC Kajal

  • Very smooth on eyes truly. Glides on very smoothly on the waterline.
  • Smudges less than the Biotique counterpart. Lasts for about 4 hours without smudging in an airconditioned environment. Lesser when out in the sun.
  • Quantity is good enough to last long
  • Shelf life of 2 years
  • Doesn’t sting the eyes

Contact lens safe


VLCC Kajal Review

Swatches of VLCC Kajal


VLCC Kajal Swatches

What I don’t like about VLCC Kajal

  • Even though the colour is intense, I don’t find as intense as the Biotique one.
  • Doesn’t give a cooling effect to the eyes again something which I like about Biotique kajal.
  • The packaging! You can notice how the transparent plastic cap has already got cracks and looks so dirty. After all I carry it in my bag everyday and with all the transport and the kajal getting stuck to the lids when I am not careful, this is bound to happen.

Wiseshe rating 4/5

May not be the best kajal around but certainly a good one. I just hope the color is more intense, then I would give it full marks (I will forgive the packaging then :P)

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  1. Nice review Maha, when I went to get a Kajal at H&G store, they had this buy 1 get 1 free Kajal on Vlcc, for some reason I decided to pick the Biotique Kajal & I’m glad I did that. Yes Biotique Kajal color is little intense when compared to this :yes:

    • Oh VLCC always runs with some offer I guess. When I got it, it came with a lip balm 😀 And I like this better coz it smudges lesser than Biotique :))

  2. coz of the smudging factor of kohls, i use black eyeliner pencils on waterline!

    waise, nice review Maha :yes: well u & all of my dear friends Anu, meenu, amritha, priti & all here must be thinking whr had i disappeared? 😛 actually i’m again in my home town (in Bengal) and 3days i was with granny in village & as u know thrs no internet in village so couldnt see all posts, now reading all of them 😉

    • Which eyeliner pencil you use Prerana?
      And yeah I was wondering where were you and in fact asked the same in the recent post 😀 All ladies having a gala time in their hometowns huh 😀

      • Lotus hypnotica, Revlon one stroke defining liner, colorbar I-glide, borjois (noir black) all have black eyeliners which can be used on waterline too along with upper lash line, and they don’t sting my eyes also, i have used 3 brands, now heading for borjois after reading good review from Anamika (remember her borjois contour pencil wala post)

  3. Hi prerana, we were feeling your absence.. 🙁
    Welcome BACKKKK :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    N OMG Maha 😯 .. 9th entry… 😯 😯

  4. LOL! thanks prerana for motivating 😀
    actually the fis peducure one is my 6th entry….. anamika has done some hera pheri…. let her come we’ll take her class… :-/ :-/
    you are with me na O:-)

  5. Meenu, me too making the same deal 😀 And maybe for Anamika’a satisfaction, we can give her a swipe or two. What say? 😀


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