VLCC Lip Shield (strawberry) Product Review


VLCC Lipshield product review by Srilata

Recently my Mom visited my place and  gave me this VLCC lip shield (Strawberry) which she purchased only because it was on offer 1+1 :)(My mom generally don’t use these products , she is very happy with her old dependable vaseline). It also comes in other flavours like mint , cocoa butter (would love to try this :)  )
It comes in a 10 Ml container and the expiry period is of 4 years. It does not give you a waxy feeling on your lips. It’s quite soft and sheer. It tints your lips but not to a great extent. I like to use it on my lipsticks :).

What the product claims
Enriched with Strawberry, VitaminE and Shea Butter, it helps heal chapped lips, conditions and keeps lips smooth, while protecting them from harmful effects of the sun (SPF 10)

Price: Rs 80 for 10Ml.

VLCC Lipshield
VLCC Lipshield
VLCC Lipshield inside
VLCC Lipshield inside

Ingredients: Ricinus, Communis Oil, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Shea Butter, Di-Methicon, Vitamin E.


  • It does not give you a waxy feeling on your lips.
  • It tints your lips to some extent, can be used as a base for lipsticks.
  • If you like strawberry smell then this lip shield gives a strong strawberry scent.
  • It contains SPF10 which protects the lips from harmful effects of sun.
  • Good product life.(4 years)

It dosen’t stay on lips for longer period. Need to reapply it continuously.
It does not moisturize lips much.(I have very dry lips).
It comes in a small 10 ml tub and you have to dip your finger into it to apply which is not hygienic.

Will I Buy it Again?
Personally I didn’t like the product much as it does not moisturize my lips enough and I need to reapply it regularly. I will not be inclined to purchase it again


  1. and now some critics comments to lip shield, u r right Sri, digging fingers inside tub is so irritating! product goes under the nail! but if it is for free, then thik hai!! :disdain:
    I use Maybelline lip smooth and absolutely in love with them… :inlove:

  2. Same pinch Prerana, i use Maybelline lip smeeth and nivea fruitshine and :inlove: both.
    i have seen these VLCC lip balm in many shop’s counters but they never attracted me… now m glad they didn’t :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    • good, the truth is coming out like distilled water! otherwise i always thought, 1 day i will try out all the lip balms available in India..
      now i won’t think also to try it out!!

  3. thanks for the review i m huge lip balm addict but i m mostly disappointed by brands available in india ! lotus herbal, vlcc , biotique, eva vaseline never worked for me ! my HG lipbalms are from NIVEA (love them all) . apart from it himalya lip balm and simple boroplus is also fantastic!

  4. Arti, didn’t you tried Maybelline tinted lip balms?? they are awesome and favorite of most of the girls!! its price is just 99/-
    try it, i’m sure u wont think of also to change it :dance: :dance:

    • oh yes i tried the orange one (wrong pic) and i looked as if i have eaten a orange icecream ! but then i tried nivea fruity shine then didn’t purchased anyother ! now u have reminded me i m gonna try their pink tint !

  5. Hey thanks Prerna…need to finish off these two tubs..(My mom left other one also :silly: )currently using lotus chocolate lip balm after reading your review..

  6. The earlier launch of these VLCC balms were in sticks. The mint flavored ones worked like magic for my dry lips. They went a unnecessary change into pots. I kept telling those SA’ to drop a word to their agent or whatever. But, obviously of no avail.

    Pea brained fools dunno the kinda nails girls have ?? 😀

    Its like dip dip dip. ( Psst -In spite of this I still use the pots…just love the mint ) 😀

  7. well, overall the lip balm products I’ve used from Classic Chapstick to Body Shop products. I feel for summer this VLCC Mint Lip Shield would be the best for the season. It gives this tickling effect on ur lips the rest of the day and it keeps ur lips cool for a hot summer day. It doesnot melt in a hot temperature. And one of my friend had visited a particular shop and came across this lip balm. Thanks to her, she remembered me and got this for me. I’ve been using this product for past month. And I LOOOOVVVEEE IT!!! :yippee:
    I’ve tried coca butter flavour, but it melts too soon and it kinda sux in summer, could be better during winter I guess. And there’s this Labello Fruity Shine. I’ve tried all thier flavours, and it actually depends on the tone of the skin. Like, for fair and pale skin, they could try cherry or Pomegranate cuz they’re really dark. For bronze or dark skinned, avoid cherry and dark shades. Better for strawberry. The Nivea Angel Star kinda sux, cuz it gives too much of spparkle than pinky colour. I hate it anyway.

  8. The strawberry lip balm is pathetic. Me and my sister both bought it and haven’t been able to use it because rather than healing or protecting our lips, it actually damages them. I don’t know what kind of a product has VLCC come up with?? I mean it does the exact opposite of what it is intended to do.. I’ve also tried VLCC’s pomegranate lip balm and have similar experiences with that too (though it was less “damaging” than the strawberry one)… People please don’t buy VLCC lip balms….!!!!



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