VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review


VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask

Armed with my shopping list, I headed to Health&Glow and stopped first at the VLCC counter. I wanted to try their peel-off face masks since I don’t remember the last time I used a peel-off mask. Plus, I was totally bowled over by the new packaging :shy: While I pretended to read the label (I’d already looked it up online :nerd: ), the VLCC SA approached me and seeing the peel-off mask in my hand told me that the mask is tough to remove and would stick to my skin in patches. For a second, I wondered if she really was the VLCC SA 😯 Then she pointed toward the Liquorice & Fenugreek pack and suggest I’d try that instead (ok that cleared my doubts :-P). She also insisted that she received a lot of positive feedback about the product from other customers. So I finally gave way and decided to give it a shot. :cute:

VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review+fairness of face

What the company claims:

Formulated for all skin types, this face mask is fortified with the right mix of natural actives to give a bright and nourished skin. Liquorice extract, a skin whitening agent, controls melanin formation and prevents skin from darkening and pigmentation. It restores the right sebum levels thus preventing skin from drying while Fenugreek soothes and relaxes making skin glow naturally.

Quantity: 100 ml

Price: INR 259

Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date

VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review details+fairness for face

Key Ingredients: Liquorice Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Jojoba Oil, Olive oil and Vitamin E.

Packaging: Love VLCC’s new packaging! Looks super attractive and a huge relief from their insanely dull, older packaging. This face pack comes in a soft, squeezy tube with a flip-top cap. This makes it hygienic and easy to use. The lid shuts with a click but not very firmly so. I’d like to say it’s travel-friendly since I have not had any leakage issues, but the lid is not tight enough to carelessly dump into a bag and requires some extra attention while packing.

Fragrance: Umm…I’ve been sniffing my hand and the tube  vigorously for some time now and I’m still finding it very hard to explain 😛 I’ll tell u one thing: it does NOT smell like methi (fenugreek) if that’s what you’re wondering. :nerd: It’s a lovely, purely herbal scent (no synthetic, chemical-y stink here) that smells a tad minty and refreshing. There’s a hint of spice in it…maybe clove. Nevertheless, it’s mild and soothing.

VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review flip cap+best face masks

Color & Consistency: The face pack is creamy white in color has a fairly thick, creamy consistency. This makes it easy to apply since it spreads easily and stays put without sliding off the face.

Directions for use: Apply appropriate amount over cleansed face and neck avoiding area around eyes. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water. Use once or twice a week. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin. For optimal results, use in combination with Mandarin and Tomato Natural Fairness Face Wash.

My experience with VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Face Mask:

I use this by squeezing a small amount of face pack directly onto a brush and apply a layer of medium thickness. I do find that owing to the thick consistency, I end up using a lot of product each time. :-/ What I found most surprising is that this pack does not dry! Although the instructions say to leave it on for 10-15 mins, I’ve left it on for more than half an hour and it remains fairly creamy throughout. Since I have very oily skin I prefer packs that suck the life out of my pores! 😀 So I was a bit disappointed that this doesn’t do that and shelved it until the monsoons said hello.

VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review hand swatch+face masks

The cold weather and constant illness had caused my skin to turn a bit flaky in some areas and that’s when I began to appreciate this pack. It hydrates the skin well and if you have combination to oily skin, you can easily skip a moisturizer after using this. I don’t believe in “fairness” or “whitening” but I expect a temporary radiance (atleast) when I’ve taken the time out to use a face mask. :shy: Now here’s where I’m left totally confused. The first couple of times, I barely saw a difference. It does not lighten blemishes and does nothing for acne. When I had a light tan, this did make my skin look a bit brighter. But I really couldn’t see any remarkable difference after using this. I liked that it made my skin soft and supple, but I sometimes feel I can get the same results after using a moisturizer :-/

VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask Review blended hand swacth+face mask

What I like about VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Face Mask:

  • Attractive, hygienic, user-friendly packaging
  • Mild, soothing herbal fragrance
  • Fairly thick consistency that spreads easily and does not run down the face
  • Hydrates skin well. Those with combi-oily skin can skip moisturizer particularly in summer
  • Gives a soft glow and makes skin supple
  • Removes mild tan
  • Easy to remove since the pack remains creamy
  • Does not sting or irritate sensitive skin
  • Those with dry skin will love the fact that this pack does not dry and remains fairly wet until removed
  • Will suit all skin types

What I don’t like about VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Face Mask:

  • Does nothing for blemishes or acne
  • Does not help with open pores or in refining skin texture
  • May not work for a bad tan
  • Flip-top cap could have been a bit tighter (although I have not had leakage issues so far)
  • Complete list of ingredients is not given. Only key ingredients are mentioned
  • Pricey when compared to other brands

Rating: 3.9/5

Final Thoughts:

If you love using face packs and do so on a regular basis, you’re sure love this since it is mild, soothing, hydrating and renders a soft glow. If you’re looking for instant results or want a face pack that will clear your skin and improve skin tone, or want a skin-reviving pack to use before a special occasion, I’d say look elsewhere. :stop: Although this is a nice face pack, it gives pretty average results. I would still recommend this if you have dry to combination skin because I have to admit that it does do what it claims (and that’s the basis on which I rated this). For those with oily or acne-prone skin, there are better face packs out there.

Have you tried VLCC Liquorice & Fenugreek Face Mask?

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    • Thank u soo much Nav :hug-makeup: I don’t like VLCC either but was too tempted by the packaging 😀 u shud see their new line of facewashes….i feel like buyin them all :cute:

  1. Awww ure makin me blush Shweta :blush: I sometimes wonder if its way too long n boring. :nerd: Trying not to get tooo detailed :laugh:

  2. VLCC products have never worked for me really…but yea..thank heavens it doesn’t smell of methi! I’d run the opposite way if that happended!

  3. Hi..
    try the peel off one..it works for me and it sucks everything out!!!I don’t face any problem while removing it…I have both the masks and I actually use them one after the other so after cleaning it majorly with the Peel off, the Mask cools and soothes it…so pimples are gone and glow restored…hv to say I am fair..so maybe it is different for me…
    Luv Suz


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