VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil Review


 VLCC shape up hips thighs and arms shaping oil review

VLCC Shape up slimming oil review+effective cellulite oil


  • Price – INR 495/-
  • Quantity – 200ml

I bought this online from stylecraze.com on the advice of my massage lady.  You all must be aware that I delivered a bonny baby girl last month and like all Indians from Alaska to Australia have begun the massaging ritual for both baby and myself.  So this lady had used it on one of her clients and it helped her get rid of her flab.  This seemed like the best time to try it out.  During pregnancy one does tend to pack on some extra pound and this oil is supposed to help shed this excess weight.

Almost every womn post puberty normally developes Cellulite.  Sex, race, biotype,  subcutaneous fat and several other factors contribute and affect the development of cellulite. Only men with certain deficiencies develop cellutie depostis.  It is a  topographic skin change and is evident when you develop dimples and nodules on the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdomen.  It is often called orange peel syndrome because it has the appearance of the skin of an orange.   Cellulite is different from regular fat and requires a little special attention.

VLCC Shape up slimming oil review+obesity fat reduction massage oil

Well the right way to use this ayurvedic formulation is to massage it on nicely and then cover the area with hot towel for 10 minutes.  You will find instructions on the box and in an enclosed leaflet that teach you the correct strokes for maximum effect.  I normally don’t have the time nor the patience to follow protocol but now with ample time in hand and with the help of massage lady I have been using this oil  for the past 20 days with the hot towel and all.  I thought I would review it since the oil is almost over and 20 days is sufficient time for a trial test.

I have been very particular about my diet since I got operated.  I have 8-9 meals a day and that include among other things, porridge, sprouts, papaya, apples, two glass of milk, one chapati/whole wheat bread.  I include these items in my diet on a daily basis and it has helped me reduce without any side effects namely fatigue and dizziness.

VLCC Shape up slimming oil review+stomach thighs and arms trimming oil


I find the oil effective but not in a drastic way.  Don’t expect any miracles.  You have to use it in conjuction with your diet and workout.  I cannot work out at the moment.  It is going to take me another month at the least.  This is my doctors advice to me.  Those who are obese and struggling with their weight can also use this oil regularly.  If you have second thoughts then you can surely consult your dermatologist.

The Ingredients can be found on the pack and you can see them in the picture below.

VLCC Shape up slimming oil review+post pregnancy massage oil

The  bottle is sturdy, transparent and has a maroon lid.   The fragrance  is very pungent and may not be very pleasing to those sensitive to smell.  The oil is a little greasy and therefore cannot be kept on the skin for a long time.   There is a visible difference in my thighs and arms and it does tighten the skin.  I had slight stretch marks on my thigh and they too have reduced.  I am not sure that was because of the continuous use of this oil but then againI didn’t use anything else beside this.

Will i buy it again?  Yes!  As long as I have to be massaged I will continue to use it.   I would recommend you use it regularily.  Devote half an hour to your self daily and don’t forget to use the hot towel.  Only you can make the initiative to take care of yourself and if you neglect yourself that too is in your hands.  You can’t really blame anyone for that.  Take our time for yourself.  Do it while you watch your favourite serial or while the kids are off to their tuition classes or before your afternoon nap.


 What I like about VLCC shape up hips thighs and arms shaping oil:

  • Inexpensive
  • Effective
  • Easily availiable online and in stores all across the country
  • Ayurvedic formulation
  • Safe for adults. Both men and women
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive and sturdy packaging

What I don’t like about VLCC shape up hips thighs and arms shaping oil:

  • Doesn’t work miracles over night.  Results take time and regular use
  • Little tedious when you have to use a hot towel for maximum results

Have you tried VLCC shape up hips thighs and arms shaping oil?

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  1. i thot it was only us Indians who’re obsessed with massaging oils after labor. Dint know Alaskans were into it too :rotfl: This sounds like a nice product Ana. I used a blend of ayurvedic oils from kotakkal arya vaidya sala. Will remember this for my 2nd time 😉


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