VLCC Shape Up Waist And Tummy Trim Gel Review


VLCC Shape Up Waist And Tummy Trim Gel Review

I’m sure all of you know by now that I am the mommie of a 2 month old baby girl.  Post delivery I have been really disciplined with my diet and daily routine.  Onr of the things include a daily body massage.   I want to do everything possible to loose my tummy fat.  There are no magic potions to a healthy and fit body.  I believe that if you want to see results you have to put in a lot of hard work and effort.

Most Indian women accumulate fat aroung the buttocks, belly and develope loose skin around the navel after pregnancy.  The body will shed some of the weight with proper exercise and nursing.  However if you ignore  exercises that concentrate on the stomach you’ve had it.

VLCC Shape Up Waise And Tummy Trim Gel Review+tuammy tucker gel


A month back I reviewd VLCC’s anti cellulite oil here and once that got over I invested in their tummy trim gel.  My C-Section stiches have pretty much healed and so a light handed massage is possible near the area.

  • Price: INR 350
  • Quantity: 200 gms

To help you get a slimmer, toned and firmer waist and tummy, VLCC Natural Sciences have created – SHAPE UP WAIST & TUMMY TRIM GEL.  This advanced ayurvedic formulation with herbal and vegetable extracts is the result of over 15 years of research at VLCC.

VLCC Waist,Tummy Shape Up ingredients+tummy tuck get rid of stretch marks


It comes in the form of a gel and the consistency is quite thick.  It has a pungent fragrance which is quite repelling.  As directed by VLCC I massaged the product on to my tummy daily, but only once daily not twice.  I do not have the time to use  it twice and who wants to sleep with that strong pungent fragrance whole night?

Will I still see the desired results?

Well,  no!  I don’t see any major difference  really.  I only see my  tummy sitting in it’s place smiling at me!  It is going to take it’s own time getting back into shape.  It’s not a miracle product and the only option still is daily exercise and a healthy diet.  I presume that if you massage the affected parts twice daily then it might be a little effective.


VLCC Waist,Tummy Shape Up+tummy tuck gel wrap

One  tube will last for around 20 days if used once daily.

There is no effective treatment for cellulite but there are 100s of products claiming to do the same.  It is astonishing to see the amount of products that have flooded the market.  Hoax after hoax.  A healthy life style with adequate execerise, some yoga and a healthy junk-free diet will help you succeed!

vlcc natural sciences shape up waist & tummy trim gel + review

What I like about VLCC Shape Up Waist And Tummy Trim Gel:

  • Affordable for that price and quantity
  • VLCC is a good reputed desi brand
  • Good attractive and sturdy packaging
  • Easy to use

What I don’t like about VLCC Shape Up Waist And Tummy Trim Gel:

  • Doesn’t really deliver quick results
  • Odour is really pungent
  • Has to be massaged twice daily…time consuming

Have you tried VLCC Shape Up Waist And Tummy Trim Gel?

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  1. hehe.. wasn’t expecting it to work either.. Infact there was a massage oil doing rounds in the south a while ago, it was called lavana thailam or something.. it never worked on my mom..

  2. I knew its a dud…..No such massage gels can do tummy trimming…hah!
    Me too have a flabby dabby tummy and iam too lazy for workouts…..

  3. Try Ab building exercises….sadly i cant do it coz i have a bad lower back issue….so have to rely on diet control…..Ab building works guys….and yep have to have a heavy heart and say NO to certain foood…which is such a tough thing to do

  4. ana baby it’s too early to think about losing weight :hug-makeup:. Believe me, right now u’ll feel like u’ll never ever fit into ur pre-pregnancy clothes, but once ur baby learns to walk (mostly run) u’ll lose weight in no time. Ok 4get walking, once the baby learns to crawl itself u’ll be up on ur toes n running from place to place trying to rescue objects 😀 Give it some time, relax n eat all u want. Ur eating for 2 ppl remember? :-))

  5. i have used the product but sry to say that it doesnt work…….although i spended lot of time in doing this but nothing is able to reduce my tummy


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