VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap Review


Come winters and most of us face dry skin woes. We rush to anything that spells “moisturizing”, “hydrating”, “butter” and the like. The skin on my body is quite dry throughout the year and I’m always on the lookout for hydrating soaps that will not strip every bit of moisture away from my already parched skin. So does this fit the bill? Let’s have a look…

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VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap Review

About VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap :-

This luxurious bathing bar enriched with the goodness of Shea Butter & Glycerin, gently cleanses your skin without drying. Its rich creamy formula maintains skin’s natural moisture, leaving skin fresh and supple.


  • Quantity:125 gms / 4.40 oz
  • Price:INR 85
  • Shelf life:2 years from mfg date
  • Key Ingredients: Saponified blend of distilled & deodorized Vegetable Oils, Talcum, Glycerin, Triclosan, Shea blend emulsion, Shea Butter

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VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap Review+ vlcc

  • Packaging: The soap bar comes tightly wrapped in clear plastic with a label forming a band in the center. There is no outer carton and the issue with such packaging is that most of the time the soap gets slightly deformed. As you can see, mine is slightly dented on one side and is irregularly shaped although it is brand new and untouched.
  • Fragrance: When I received the soap, there was this really strange, synthetic aroma and I figured that it must be emanating from the plastic cling-wrap. But even after I removed the wrapping and began using the soap, the odd fragrance persisted but thankfully only for a couple of uses. It initially had a very medicinal talc scent that is not entirely unpleasant but it isn’t very appealing either. But after a few uses, it has this mild, woody yet floral fragrance. Am not a huge fan of the scent but I can live with it :shy:

VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap Review+ vlcc soap+ skin moisturiser

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My experience with VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap:

The soap bar is pinkish beige in color and is square in shape unlike conventional soaps that are usually rectangular or oval. Because of this, it feels slightly bulky to hold and use, since it is thicker than a regular soap as well.But since the bar is not very slippery or creamy, no major issues here (unless you have really small hands in which case you can cut the bar into two and use :lashes:).

Although the complete list of ingredients is not given, I’m sure this has Sulphates since it lathers really well. It rinses of clean and does not leave behind any residue. The fragrance doesn’t linger either. Since this has shea “butter”, I was afraid if it would melt away in the soap dish but it thankfully doesn’t.

As far as moisturizing is concerned, the performance is very average. It does not dry out the skin but isn’t overly moisturizing either. I tried skipping my body lotion and noticed that my skin turned try within minutes. For this price, I would expect the hydrating effects to last longer :-/

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VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap Review+ vlcc shea butter soap

What I like about VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap:

  • Lathers well
  • Rinses off easily without leaving any residue
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Soap bar does not melt away
  • One bar will last very long (125 gms is a lot)

What I don’t like about VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap:

  • Does not come with an outer carton and hence the soap tends to lose its original shape
  • Complete list of ingredients is not given (And I can’t understand why a “supposedly” moisturizing soap contains Talc ?:-) )
  • Not very hydrating and I most certainly need to follow up with a body lotion.
  • Performance doesn’t live up to the price tag

Rating: 3/5

Final thoughts on VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap:

This soap does not do anything exceptional for my skin and I’m not too fond of the fragrance either. It could be priced more for the quantity we get but I’d rather pay more for better hydration than for more grams of a product that delivers average results.

Have you tried the VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap?

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  1. 😮 bad one again .. no matter wat the soap claims .. giving up on a moisturiser is not going to happen .. winters are a torture to us dry skin ppl !!

    Nice review nafi !!! 🙂

  2. Nice review Nafisa! if you looking out for a soap which is really moisturizing, you should try cetaphil cleansing bar!! it makes ur skin super soft :-)) and yes u need no moisturizer after that!! :yes:


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