VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk Review


VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk

Step out of your home and there is a collective attack of dirt, grime, pollution and sun on your face…I am sure many of us have learnt to prepare our skins to face all this by making moisturizers and sun screens our makeup must haves…Equally important as the precautions is the second part that is how do you care for your skin after you have returned to your homes…


VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk Review+cleanser


Cleansing,Toning,Moisturising..Remains to be an age old skin care regime. There are a variety of cleansers available in market. The one i would be talking about today, in this review is VLCC skin defence cleanser with sandalwood extracts. Read on to know more about my experience with the product 🙂

Claims of VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk:

This refreshing, non-foaming cleansing milk is enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood, Almond & Indian Burberry extracts.

It deep cleanses, nourishes and heals the skin.

VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk Review bottle+face cleanser


  • Price and quantity: Rs. 125 for 100 ml
  • Ingredients:Indian Berberry Ext, Lodhra Bark Ext, Red Sandalwood Ext, Fenugreek Ext, Almond oil.
  • Skin: For normal to dry skin
  • Directions for use: Take appropriate amount on cotton & massage gently in circular motion over face & neck. Use in evenings esp. for removing make up.

I mostly prefer a face wash over cleansing milks.Though,twice or thrice a week after using the face wash in evening do follow it up with a cleansing milk. This helps in deep cleansing. You can use a damp cotton wool to remove your cleanser.Always,use a toner after cleansing as it helps in removing any remnant traces of the product.

VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk Review details+best face cleanser

My experience with VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk:-

  • Colour: It is white in colour
  • Consistency: It is lotion like in consistency.It is not too runny.Spreads out really well on skin.Easy to rub into skin and easy to wipe of with a damp cotton wool.So,basically, a hassle free product to use.
  • Fragrance: It has a moderately strong fragrance of sandalwood.It might be a problem for over sensitive noses.I do not find it irritating to my nose though.I like i t 🙂
  • Packaging: It comes in a cream coloured standard VLCC packaging.The bottle is made of sturdy plastic.It has a flip open cap.The cap has an opening to dispense the required amount of product.The product is travel friendly and light weight.


VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk Review package+face cleansers

Cleansing action:The cleanser does the job really well. At times i can see traces of dirt even after using my face wash. It is also an excellent make up remover. See swatches!! After using the product, my skin feels clean and dewy. It does not dry out the skin.Infact,it makes the skin feel nourished and hydrated(soft and supple!!).It have not suffered any breakouts after using the product.So,i am pretty satisfied with the product. As per me, the product should work good for normal to dry skin. Oily skins may give it a skip.

Please check out the swatches I have tried to show how well it removes make up.

VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk Review usage+facial cleanser

What i like about VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk:-

  • Removes all dirt,oil and make up.
  • Nice Sandalwood fragrance.
  • Very affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Does not break out
  • ideal consistency.

What i do not like about VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk:-

  • Boring packaging.
  • may/may not suit oily skins.
  • Do i recommend VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk:
  • Yes.Although,I would suggest people with oily skins to opt for something else.Others can use it without any worries!!

Have you tried VLCC Skin Defence Sandal Cleansing Milk?

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      • Thank you all for appreciating my hard work. It is a good product for normal to dry skin and the sandalwood fragrance is a bit strong in this one. I agree but them that is the beauty me product reviews:) everyone gets to know whether the product is for them or not. personally I quite like this one. I have a combination skin

      • I hate it..I used t b ok wid it..but whn I was in blore, I had flat mate who was obsessed with it..she used sandalwood soap, powder, agarbatti, perfume….after stayin 2yrs with her n smelling sandalwood the entire time I just can’t stand it anymore..


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