Votre 3-In-1 Creme Cleanser Review-


Votre 3-In-1 Creme Cleanser Review-

Hello Beautifuls,

Its been a while that I have written a review of any product here as I was super busy last two months. A recent holiday trip, home renovations, husband’s joining back to the sea…! All of it came up together and so this all kept me busy! I hope to not bore you with my blabbering so I am just quickly coming to today’s product review which happens to be a Creme Cleanser from Votre.

votre cleanser

About Votre 3-in-1 Creme Cleanser-

Votre 3-in-1  Creme Cleanser is a cleansing formula that instantly strips away impurities, dirt, make-up & excess oil effectively.Provides gentle yet effective cleansing; leaves skin perfectly skin, toned & hydrated.


INR 110 for 30g

Shelf Life-

18 months from mfg. date

Key Ingredients-

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega 3, Aloe Vera

Votre ingredients

Directions for use-

Apply generously on face & neck morning and evening. Massage gently in circular, anti-clockwise motion & wipe with a damp cotton or wool. Finish with a Votre Pore Balancing Toner.


This cleanser comes in an opaque white squeeze tube with a screw open cap. Packaging is very simple and average. Only thing I found lacking in this is the screw open cap which creates a mess while putting it back when you have the cleanser in your other palm. A flip top cap would have been way better than this.

votre cleanser packaging

Color & Texture-

This creme cleanser as the name suggests is a white colored runny & creamy substance which is not so creamy to the extent that it may produce excess oil on the face. I like the texture as I am not fond of very creamy stuff to apply on my combination skin in summers.

votre cleansing milk


There is a very particular sweet smell this cleanser has which will not bother anyone at all.

My Experience with Votre 3-in-1 Creme Cleanser-

I bought this cleanser just for the summers and also because I had so much stuff to look up to that I hardly would be able to indulge in a proper CTM routine twice a day. The 3-in-1 property of this creme cleanser attracted me to the core. Well, I wanted to pick up a bigger size but because only this was the available size, I had to be content till I finished this tube.

This is a very effective cleanser I must say and I am happy I discovered it. The 3-in-1 property enables it to be used as a basic cleanser which develops a little lather on massaging it onto the face. So it is like a foam and eventually you can remove it with a damp cotton pad.

The cleanser claims to be used as a toner to that means after using this you don’t need to apply another toner. Well, this thing is what I found to be not very suitable as after cleaning this cleanser you definitely need to apply your favorite toner so that your skin is further free from impurities and the pores are closed properly to avoid any breakouts.

I usually use my VLCC Punarnava Astringent after this cleanser and the results I got was really great. Earlier any cleanser would make my skin greasy so I actually had to remove it 2-3 times before using my toner which was really a task for a lazy being like me! :-p

Well, now this tube is very near to finish off I can say easily that it does work well and given the fact that you need only a small amount of the product it would certainly last a month for less “makeup in summers” person like me!! 🙂

Overall, I really liked this cleanser and hope to lay my hands on a bigger size this time!

What I like about Votre 3-in-1  Creme Cleanser-

  • Effective in removing makeup & impurities
  • Very gentle on the skin
  • Runny consistency
  • Doesn’t leaves the skin greasy
  • Sweet smell
  • Easy on the pocket

What I don’t like about Votre 3-in-1 Creme Cleanser-

  • Screw open cap
  • Messy (sometimes)
  • Doesn’t tones (but that is all right! It is basically a cleanser only)

Product Rating-

4/5 (I would have easily given 4.5 but the screw cap is really a mess)

Will I repurchase/ recommend Votre 3-in-1 Creme Cleanser?

Yes… I would definitely buy one soon. This is an effective cleanser and will suit all types of skin.

Have you tried Votre 3-in-1 Creme Cleanser?

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      • The simplest of things….!! i remove makeup with baby oil and then use besan mixed with water/rosewater to cleanse…!!!.. I can use besan whenever i want..and trust me, it has seriously improved my skin texture..love the effect..and when i have time i mix different ingredients with the besan, like tomatoes, potato juice, cucumber etc..

        • same same madhu 😉 I too use besan to keep my oily skin refreshed in summers. It is such a blessing to have a multi purpose ingredient handy at home. Ira this seems to be worth trying. I may get my hands on it

          • rightly said shivangi and madhu even I am using besan (along with whatever is available in the kitchen these days) for cleansing my face 🙂

              • you know what Ira, the funny thing is I wasn’t this regular before my marriage 😀 but after my hubby’s compliments I was like oh he notices the differences so I made it a habit 🙂 otherwise when he is on tour, i’m super lazzzzy 😀

  1. Wow nice one..more than reading the review I was happy on seeing your review after so many days. Welcome back doll…
    Looking at the price and quantity it is definitely one of those total value ffor money product :-*

  2. yess..totally paisa vassol! Thanks a lot Ruhee..can’t tell you how much I miss my daily scrolling on Wiseshe..! will try to be regular from now on! :-* :-*


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