Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35 Review



By Devleena Sarkar

Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35


A BIG hello to all the ladies,

Hope you all are doing great. The weather here in Calcutta is so damn humid than hot that it almost squeezes out all those electrolytes out of the body and makes one feel perpetually drained out. Phew! Anyways today I will be reviewing a day moisturizing gel (irony how I started the review ..lol) that I received as a surprise in my July FabBag kit.


Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35


About Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35:

“Vôtre day moisturizing gel has a unique blend of light-gel moisturizer and SPF 35; offers intense hydration, designed to calm and hydrate ,this water based formula moisturizes without adding oil leaving your skin perfectly hydrated ,sun protected with non greasy glow.”

Price: INR 810 for 1.40oz

Ingredients: Glycirrhiza,Rubus Fruticosus,OMC,Melaleuca Oil & Azadirachta Indica

So this little baby comes in a round white translucent tub with a screw lid, with blue label all over. it looks pretty decent .the consistency of the cream is not so thick, neither runny, but will accumulate to the side you keep the tub tilted to. It’s pearly white in color and smells heavenly. It could be used as a makeup base . Now let’s come down to how it fared on me.


Votre Day Moisturizing Gel


My experience with Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35:

This is a cream you have to work with on just a pearl size dollop to all over your face before applying your makeup. My skin is medium to dry. So anyways, I just applied very little amount to all over my face as it has SPF 35 and could really work as sunscreen. Now recall ,ladies, I just said how freakishly humid it is in Calcutta ,and how the product keeps on claiming on how hydrated it keeps the skin, now these acted together and made my face as the worst sweat-producing factory .. It was like a nightmare. I was wondered how effective it’s is on its claims and how it really keeps the skin hydrated, no joking really.


Votre Moisturizing Gel SPF 35


I was repelled by it ,but was impressed on how the words on the tub were true..nowadays most product you see is not even half effective as it claims. But this one is so out-of-the-pact. It keeps skin hydrated and moisturized ,which is why I was sweating so bad . so if you live in place where it’s dry, you can totally try this out ,but make sure you take a very little amount as I mentioned earlier ,as a little can go a really long way.

I am definitely not going to dispose this off ,rather I have decided to save it for the winter, which is not too far away from now anyways. It also comes handy in a little tub which makes it very travel friendly. And I’m never going to blame this product just because the climate wasn’t the right one could use it in.


Votre Day Moisturizing Gel swatch


Although the price they’re selling it at is super expensive , but lucky me I got it in the FabBag for just INR599. 😀 😀

What I like about Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35:

  • Moisturizing
  • SPF 35
  • Not tested on animals (PETA approved)
  • Very good for dry skin (in a dry weather)
  • Lives upto its claims
  • Could be used a makeup base, or just as a sunscreen cream
  • Handy packaging
  • Looks cool

What I don’t like about Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35:

  • Not to be used in humid weather, or on oily skin
  • Way too expensive
  • Availability

Final opinion: this is actually a very good product and the way it has lived upto the very words it claimed has really impressed me. I’m going to, sure as hell ,give it a try during the drying winters. If moisturizing and hydrating is what you’re looking for, for your skin, and you’re ready to splurge this much on a product, then your search ends right here.

Rating: 4.8/5

Hope that will help .

See y’all next time girls.. take care. Ciao! 😀

Have you tried Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 35?

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  1. Hi, i came across this product in my Fab Bag subscription and really loved it! smells awesome like u said!


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