Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 Review


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Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25

Hello everyone,

We all know how important it is to wear Sunscreen, especially if you have to go out in the Sun. And as the summers are not really far in India (thanks to global warming), the Sunscreen which comes in regular cream, even gel forms, become a nightmare to use. We neither feel like applying them, nor can we ignore them.

There come facial mists with SPF to our rescue. Yes, it is a pretty new thing and unfortunately there are not many brands offering these in India. But Votre did read our minds and came up with something that will not give greasy cheeks in the summers and will also protect us from the harmful rays of sun. So introducing Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25.

votre after sun mist

About Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25

Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 gives you an even layer of protection from the harmful UV rays. Its rich formula not only gives an even layer of protection on your skin but also leaves your skin feeling cool.

How do you use it?

Spray the mist over skin 15-20 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

What are the ingredients used in making it?

Sorry, this information is not available with us at the moment! For an accurate listing of ingredients used in this product, please refer to the product packaging. Alternatively, you could email us at [email protected] and we will specifically check for this product with the brand

Price in India: Rs. 400 for 50ml

Packaging: The mist comes in a normal bottle with a spray nozzle and a cap. Nothing fancy. It is pretty small and will glide in your vanity easily.

Texture: Completely water like texture and is colorless. It is way too runny and like a stream of water will glide down your face. No bursting mists!

My experience with Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25

Well I am generally fond of facial mists. I have used a few before, and I found them to be decently hydrating and refreshing. Thus I was naturally a little excited about this product too, but it failed to impress me.

As I have mentioned earlier, the product is way too runny. It didn’t provide any cooling sensation. I mean it just felt like normal water on face, no extra cooling. It was also not at all hydrating on me. However, this liquid form of sunscreen might work better for oily skin. I have normal skin, which becomes drier in winter months, and this made my skin yearnin for more hydration. But you know the worst part?

It tastes horrendous and also irritates eyes a lot. The mist once accidentally went into my eyes and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. It stung so bad. Terrible. No other product that I have tried before was like this.

Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES

What I like about Votre Fresh Coolin Sun Protection Mist SPF 25?

  • Easy to use sunscreen in mist form
  • Can be used quickly whenever and wherever you want.
  • Good for oily skin.
  • Colorless. So no more white cast on face.

What I didn’t like about Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25?

  • Way too runny texture.
  • Horrible taste.
  • Stings eyes.
  • No hydration.
  • Claims for a perfect skin balance? Not really.
  • Costly.
  • Not easily available

Rating: 1.5/5 Sorry Votre. I really hate to bash products. But this absolutely didn’t work on me.

Would I recommend?: Not at all. But again, as it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it will not work for you. It might work wonders on your skin. So I would say if you are okay with the price, buy the smallest bottle first, use and see how it fares.

Have you tried Votre Fresh Coolin Sun Protection Mist?

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