VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01 Review, Swatches & FOTD


VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01

Hello gorgeous ladies,

I recently shared photos and swatches of VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 1 which I received as a gift. I always underestimated VOV products and would have never given its products a chance unless I received it as a gift.

vov vogue noble

Using this blush changed my pre conceived notions about this and made me feel how could I keep a good product like this ignored for so long. Thought it is not a mind blowing product but it is not a bad product either. To know more continue reading.

Price: Since it was a gift, I have no clued about its price!

My experience with VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01:

Packaging: The blush comes in a square plastic case which also has the brush along with it. The back of the blush case has got all the necessary details mentioned. I feel the packaging is just fine nothing great to gaga about.


vov blush vogue noble

Texture: It has got a soft texture, not chalky at all. The golden shimmers in the blush do not make the texture gritty. It blends easily without many efforts which again is a great thing.


vov vogue noble swatch

Shade: I got the blusher in shade Noble 01. It is a muddy brown shade with rosy red undertones and has golden shimmers in it. The blusher gives a bronzy kind of effect on my skin which really suits me well. The golden shimmers in it do not show up and just works towards adding a glow the face. This shade will work easily on fair, medium and deep skin tones.


vov vogue noble blush

Pigmentation: VOV blusher in shade Noble is highly pigmented. It is very easy to go overboard with this blush and one need to be extra cautious while using this or you might just end up with a weird looking clownish face.

My Take: I never expected such a likeable quality blush from VOV, but this brand did not fail to surprise me. It wins over, pigmentation and texture.

It has got a soft texture which blends easily without creating any hassle. The blush blends in smoothly and is almost natural looking.

The color pay off this blush is great or rather insane which makes it easy to go overboard. You need to be really careful while using this to flaunt natural looking glowing cheeks.


Vov blusher review


The packaging of this blush is a little laid back. The plastic used is not of good quality and is not sturdy enough. I mistakenly dropped the case once and the blush pan came off, which cannot be fitted back now.

The brush that comes along with the blush is not very great but still it will work fine for beginners. The blush actually reminds me of Inglot Face Powder Blush 40. So this blush is a close dupe of the Inglot blush and one can get the VOV blusher Vogue Noble if not the Inglot Face Powder Blush 40.

I do not know the exact price, but VOV products happen to be a little inexpensive and this is an overall decent blush to have.
VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01 review shade

What I like About VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01:       

  • Soft & Smooth texture.
  • Blends easily.
  • Very fine golden shimmer which give a subtle glow and is not gritty.
  • Awesome Pigmentation.
  • Comes with a decent brush, beginners may find it usable.
  • A nice shade to flatter all skin tones.

What I Don’t like About VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01:

  • Not easily available.
  • Packaging could have been better.

Rating: 4/5

Will I Recommend: The blush is really nice and one can give it a try. VOV did not failed to surprise me, and you too might be pleasantly surprised after you use this blush.

Have you tried VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01 ?

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  1. Your fotds are making the product look good, vov stuffs are mixed I feel, some are gr8, n some r not tht good, i have one vov t zone blusher, by which i really swear by, and one 5 shadow palette which r similar 2 inglot shadow quality 🙂

    • Hi swati even i was thinking that few years back, vov is one of the most well known brand in china and korea, matter is in India many shops sell maximum countefeit or fake vov products tht we sud b beware of, or else vov has some really good stuff 🙂 sorry 4 such a long reply :p

  2. Anamika u carry every shade so well.. This blush looks so pretty on u.. :* 🙂 N d pout FOTD is too hawt!!!

    I have some VOV stuff and it is damn good as well

  3. I don even remember if i have tried anything from the brand..I thought it some cheap brand which carries bad quality product but this blush changes my mind…

    Regarding this blush..This is damn beautiful..will look good on most of us 😀

    • May b bcos its not marketed well.. I have been using VOV eyeliners since my college days n never felt the need to switch to higher brands.. Even widout primer, dey last d entire day..
      I still buy some particular colors from VOV..


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