VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01 Photos & Swatches


VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here to show one of the recent entrants in my makeup and particularly Blush collection. It is no a purchase but a gift from my girl’s school which was basically a Bollywood Party for which we had to do some Modelling & Dancing and our team won. I got this blush as a gift from them!:-)

vov vogue noble

About VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01

Honestly I was not expecting much from the brand as I had a pre-assumed notion that the quality may not be so impressive.However, when I opened the pack and swatched it, my thoughts about the brand improved slightly.

Price: Since it was a gift, I have no idea of its price! You can buy similar blushers from Flipkart.com here .

Packaging: The packaging of this blusher is like a square shaped compact case which holds the blusher. The square case is black in color and has the details of the blusher at the back of the pan.

vov blusher vogue noble

vov vogue noble swatch

Shade & Texture: The  shade of this blusher is Vogue Noble and is more of a dusty rose shade which has bronze undertones in it and gives a beautiful golden sheen upon application.

The shade looks very muted and just matches the skin tone , making it really natural in the hand swatch.

vov vogue noble blush

The texture of this blush is very smooth and it really impressed my thinking for the brand. I happened to love the shade upon swatching.

My Initial Thoughts about  VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01:

Accidently,the blusher fell from my hands and fell on the ground. The pan which holds the blusher broke and came off and now it cannot be fit back to the compact. However the blush didn’t break and survived the fall.

vov blush vogue noble

The packaging is not very sturdy but it looks classy.

The shimmers in the blush are not very gritty and give a beautiful glow when swatched on the skin. I have still not tried the blush shade on me and so I won’t say anything about the blending power or staying capacity of this blusher.

The blusher also has a flat brush for applying which I don’t think I will prefer over my Sigma & MAC makeup brushes for applying it. However for beginners it can ensure a soft brush stroke on the cheeks.

This blush reminds me of the blush I got from Inglot Face Powder Blush 40 which is already reviewed.

I will surely be looking forward to the brand products in the future and wouldn’t ignore it. I will be trying this blusher in the coming days and come with a detailed review on this blush.

Have you tried  VOV Blusher Vogue Noble 01?

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  1. It actually looks quite good. I bought an inexpensive incolor baked blush long back when I was thinking of diving into the makeup world. N the blush turned out quite good. I still have it 😀


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