W7 Earthquake Crackle Nail Polish Silver Review & NOTD


I have few crackle nail polishes with me but some how leaving beside Colorbar crackle nail polish I never managed to make best use of them.I in fact tried it on my hubby nails thinking my nails are not made for it but I didn’t find the end result satisfying πŸ˜›

After lot of attempts,  I asked Zee and she advised me to go to with thin coats and it worked.:-* That is why I love beauty discussions one gets to learn so many things πŸ˜€

  • Price – INR  299 from brandsfetish.com.
  • Shades Available  – It’s available in shade black, silver and white.I would love to see how these crackle nail polish turns out in white shade too.:)
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About W7 Earthquake Crackle Nail Polish:-


Introducing its limited edition ‘Crackle’ polish to New Look stores up and down the country, W7’s textures nail polishes aim to ‘transform your ordinary nail paint in an instant’ .

W7 Earthquake crackle nail polish review+silver crackle nail polish +cheap crackle nail polish

How To Use w7 Earthquake Crackle Nail Polish :-


One has to apply a thin coat on top of the base colour.I chose Faces  black nail paint  for the base coat here.Crackle nail polish tends to shrink which reveals the base colour from beneath.Single coat is more than enough if I use the second coat then it comes out really thick and doesn’t crackle.

  • Nail Polish Brush and consistency – It has a normal usual nail polish brush which gives even application and consistency of the nail polish is quite thick .
  • Staying power–  With the trasnparent coat on it stays for 3 days without chipping afterards it does.


W7 Earthquake nail polish crackle+where to buy crackle nail polish

After applying the base coat one has to go really light when applying the crackle nail polish.It gives the  below effect with in few seconds.

W7 silver crackle nail polish on my nails+silver crackle nail polish on my nails

I liked how it cracked on my thumb  nails, just like earthquake πŸ™‚

W7 Crackle nail polish silver+crackle nail polish silver

I generally wear my bold diamond ring whenever I use crackle nail polish  because It gives that I , me and myself kind of statement look πŸ˜‰

diamond studed aishwarya ring+W7 crackle nail polishes


Have you tried W7 Earthquake Nail Polishes?


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  1. is it..i should have shown it long back..will show u another piece in a day or two then..lolz..i sound like a flaunt πŸ˜›

  2. Hahaahaaa!! u tried this on ur hubby??? :rotfl: N i loooooooooove ur ring :ring: Me love baguette diamonds…they’re my fav. Where did u get it from A?


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