W7 Fruity Lip Balm Passion Fruit & Aroma Magic Grapefruit Facewash Review


W7 Fruity Lip Balm Passion Fruit  Price (£3.00)

Here are two quick reviews of the products which I have used recently.I got this lip balm because of its  passion fruit fragrance and moreover I haven’t tried any new lip balm recently.I wish I would have read Zee review of  Bourjis  Baume De nuit Night Lip Balm before  but now  that  would be me my next purchase.


W7 Fruity lip balm passion fruit reviews+Passion fruit lip balm reviews+W7 Reviews lip balm


It comes a in round orange packaging and has a fruity orange fragrance.I personally liked it but my hubby hated it .When it comes to fragrance  choice we are completely opposite I guess 😀

  • Ingredients :-

W7 Fruity lip balm passion fruit ingredients+Lip balm reviews+Fruity lip balms reviews


Lip balm is quite moisturising and recently when my lips were badly chapped I used it 2-3 times continuously in a day and by  evening they were soft .It appears transparent on my lips  but thankfully it doesn’t give that whitish or annoying greasy orangy  appearance to them .Texture of the balm is little waxy but way different than Lush lip tints which I didn’t like much .It has good creaminess to it which makes my lips feel soft.

I don’t like the tub packaging but still I always end up buying the tub packaging all the time.Also, this lip balm is not easily available.I got it from brandsfetish .com and have not seen W7 products anywhere else.

  •  Overall – It’s nice to have if available in discount but nothing exemplary .


W7 Lip balm reviews+Passion fruit lip balms reviews+W7 product reviews


Aroma Magic Grape fruit Face Wash  Review:-


I got this face wash as a free sample from one of the online website long back.I don’t remember the site name now as I have been shopping like crazy lately.

Face Wash has extract of grapefruit , lemon & Aloevera , Vitamin A& C, Beta carotene & Pure essential oils of Geranium Palmarosa & Lemon as its one of the active ingredients.

It claims for cleansing and lightening and it fails in both the expect.It’s going to suit oily skin in summers but makes my skin dry and gives me that stretchy  feel which makes me run for a moisturiser.

  • Price – INR 65

Aromamagic grapefruit face wash r eviews+Grapefruit face wash reviews+face wash for oily skin



It has a good tube packaging which is travel friendly but I am not taking it along anywhere with me :p


Grape fruit face wash reviews Aromamagic+grape fruits face wash for sensitive skin


Have you tried 17 Fruity Lip Balm Passion Fruit or Aroma Magic Grapefuit Facewash ?


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  1. but cleansing to kuch nahi karta Tulips ..haan! it can suit super oily skin for sure..infact it is meant for oily to combination skin.

  2. yeah.. this face wash didn suit me too.. i rememb giving it away to somebody…. 🙂

    brandsfetish mein to yeah lipbalm nahin dikha….


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