Wafer thins -Sunday Special Snack Recipe



My last weekend was one the best weekends for a long time now…apart from shopping @ Forest Essentials, eating chocolate yoghurt with chocolate sprinkles @ UB City, a haircut @ Bounce it was also a total DIY weekend. I made/DIY-ed a couple of things – arranged my everyday makeup essentials (this is certainly a DIY, nobody else will do that for me), refilled my lip scrub jar .


Plain thins


What you need

  1. Chopped onions
  2. Olives – I chopped them, you can use whole
  3. Cheese – grated
  4. Wafer thins – I picked up chives & pepper flavored


  1. Sauce – I used tomato pasta sauce & mustard
  2. Oregano

How to make Wafterthins

  1. Place the thins on a microwave tray
  2. Top with olives and cheese
  3. Microwave for 30-40 seconds
  4. Top it off with mustard/pasta sauce and garnish the top with more chopped onions and one olive
  5. Ready to munch!
Pre microwave



  1. There are no set instructions for this snack and that’s the beauty of it
  2.  I chopped olives because they are very tangy, you can use them whole
  3. Make sure they don’t roll off the thins during microwave
  4. You can use green or black olives
  5. Cheese – you can grate normal cheese or use the spreads. They are also flavored (yumm)!!
  6. I used homemade tomato pasta sauce to break the monotony, you can use any sauce – soy, chilli, the water from olives (believe me, this is yummmm too) and mustard

Last piece of gyaan : this is maybe not really a snack, it is throwing all the stuff together for a yummy bite!!


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