Walk for better health and skin


Walking not only helps you in losing weight but has many other benefits too.

Below are few benefits of walking which might make you adapt it again if you are not interested in it any more.


*Walking makes one sleep better.-If one walks for forty to forty five minutes daily before they go to bed then they will end up sleeping like a baby.
*Improvement in body functions-Regular walking makes your internal organs active..This is because when one walks every little thing in the body get loosen up and starts working better.
*Look better-When you body functions better it makes you look better too. You will eat better, think better and sleep better.
*Healthy skin-When you are sick your skin start looking pale as well. Whatever is the condition inside your body shows on your skin too . Once you take up walking your skin will start glowing .
Common problems like blemishes starts clearing up without much of an effort.

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  1. Dear Anamika,I love walking. This is the most natural exercise anyone can do. We all actually are great walker, its only with time humans have started preferring the sedentary lifestyle more.I just loved the pic you attached with this article. I would love to go for morning walks in such a beautiful surrounding.Have a great day ahead.regards

  2. Hey Shiva!!!How u doing buddy..While uploading the pic I too was wishing the same..Just missed the surrounding in this super fast life.


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