Wardrobe Malfunctions of Bollywood celebrities


Wardrobe Malfunctions of Bollywood celebrities

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Wardrobe malfunctions are the bane of all celebrities.One wrong move (in this case underwear or lack of it or a too tight outfit) is captured in print forever to haunt them!The most famous wardrobe malfunction to date is the one that happened at a Fashion Week a few years back when Carol Gracious’ top came undone.


Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Carol Gracious


Carol’s malfunction was not really her fault , but was a result of faulty stitching.

However,some of our well dressed celebrities forget they are wearing short skirts when they sit giving us a view of ..ahem..their underthings.

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Shamitha Shetty Short Skirt

I was very very surprised to see that Katrina Kaif who is more often than not, always immaculately dressed,is also one of the offenders in this category. Have a look! tch tch Kat!

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Katrina Kaif Short dress


What happens if one decides to go out in a too tight for you dress? Ofcourse sitting down is impossible for the fear of the dress ripping apart. Exactly the same thing  happened to Parineeti Chopra!

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Parineeti Chopra Tight Dress


Its always a good idea to check if your underwear is visible under bright lights . Alia Bhatt Obviously forgot to do that though.

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Alia Bhatt innerwear visible inbright lights


Girls,wearing a saree is never an excuse to show your “assets “ to the world! A sari is a sexy enough garment already, why ruin it by going bra less under the blouse and look plain tacky? Nauheed Cyrusi did that and see how cheap she looks.

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Nauheed Cyrusi braless under saree blouse


Well Mehr Jessia did not bother too see if her dress fits well from all angles

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Mehr Jessia misfit dress


This wasn’t at all expected from Mrs Rai Bachchan! Ash ,really? How?? Did you not see yourself in the mirror. Look closely girls ,,her blouse is riding up on one side.

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Rai Bachchan blouse riding up
Its common sense than with a low back outfit ,you wear a suitable bra! Well Eesha Koppikkar forgot about that!

Celebrity Wardrobe malfunctions_Koppikkar visible bra in a lw back outfit


Who do you think is the worse offender amongst the lot? Hope you enjoyed this lil celebrity bashing!


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  1. yep, Ash usually dresses safe. I was pissed at Shamita, absolutely ridiculous. How can she forget her..ahem ahem .
    I can only think that she could not get any other way to be news 😛

  2. I dont know if Alia did it deliberately or not. I like ladies wearing sheer who can flaunt it wid perfection. But oooh please Alia needs to learn how to wear sheer 😀

  3. i am in my workstation and jab yeh post khola, shamita ka dekhra window minimize krna pada..crap 😛 but dekh liya tab mein kholke, disgusting!! :shout:

  4. lol it’s ridiculous 😀 but i guess alia deliberately kept it sheer and ash was a lil unaware of the lenght of her blouse and where it ends 😛 rest all of them forget to see themselves before moving out :silly: yuck hate nauheed for this :sick: she looks downright cheap and didn’t even bother to arrange her pallu well :no: and idk why katrina needs this down market publicity stunts 😐 i’ve seen her her wearing a lot of see through outfits lately, and that too at public places like airport 😯

    • Oh yes.. She has no work.. She has to be in public eye somehow.. This is wht is shown in the movie Heroine also.. When u r out of work u resort to cheap tricks

  5. omg :O is it me or everyone can see??? I feel shamita is holding her dress and pulling it upward 😯 to give a clear view lmao :rotfl:

      • lol yeah at first i thought she’s holding her clutch but later i saw she held her dress too along with her clutch :rotfl:

  6. Hehe! I think all of them have done that! Google it bhavana .. U will fidnsome hilarious results. This being a public forum i dint wanna add all the pix


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