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Henna is one of the oldest and most effective hair care ingredients that can be used in a number of ways to deal with various hair problems. Like Besan/Gram Flour, henna is a multifunctional product that can be altered in so many ways to deal with every hair issue on this earth and trust me, every problem gets solved in a wink. You can mix Henna with different kinds of ingredients to get the desired result. I am an avid henna lover and trust me, I have mixed henna with every possible ingredient on this earth to get benefits from it and today I am up with Ways to use Henna for hair. If you are a henna lover too, then keep on scrolling!

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Uses of Henna for Hair:

One of the prime ways to use Henna on hair is to mix it with Yogurt, Egg and Amla Powder to control/prevent hair loss. Henna is known for ages to control hair fall issue and make hair super strong and healthy.

Excessive hair fall can lead to partial/full baldness and that requires an agent that helps to regrow hair. Henna not only helps to control hair fall but also to regrow hair in the long run. Mix it with Bhrami, Amla or Shikakai and it will give you the desired result.

When we are talking about how to use henna for hair, one of the points which we can’t definitely miss is the use on dandruff. Henna has anti-fungal properties and this plant leaf can eliminate dandruff within some uses. Read Here

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Shiny hair is a dream for many girls (including me.  😀 ) but market-based treatments only damage our hair further and gives us temporary glossy hair which is absolutely not the goal. Henna is a natural nourisher for hair that gives shiny hair when mixed with Egg and Olive Oil. 

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Henna, when mixed with lemon, helps you to get rid of the itchy scalp which is really essential for summers. Sweat and oil secretion from hair roots attracts pollution from the hair and makes hair itchy and henna is one of the absolute cures of it.

Henna is a natural hair conditioner that helps to nourish dull and dry hair and make it look healthy and naturally bouncy. It gives an appearance of fuller hair and regular application definitely gives you a good hair day!

Henna is a natural hair colour that gives a soft, brown colour to the hair. It is natural and is absolutely free from any chemicals so will not harm your hair like normal colours available in the market.

Grey hair is a common phenomenon with age ur when it comes before age, it can give you sleepless nights. But when you have Henna at home, you can cure your grey hair issue within some days. You can see How to treat premature greying with Henna here


Split ends are chronic, it may seem there is no way out. Nobody wants to cut the hair length to get rid of split ends but when expensive shampoos and hair treatments fail to give results, there is no way out. There comes our very own Henna. Henna, when mixed with Coconut Oil and Glycerin, helps to reduce split ends problem and also helps to prevent them.


Frizzy hair is the ultimate problem for many girls, especially with curly hair. I am a sufferer myself and I know the pain to look like a ‘cotton candy’ all the time. We just can’t leave our hair open as that will lead to excessive frizz and will look horrible. But if we can use Henna on our hair mixed with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, it will help to reduce the frizz and make hair manageable.

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You can watch the whole video here on DIY henna Hair oil for hair growth


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