Low calorie Burger


We all love Burgers don’t we? but the recent disclosure of fast food and their low nutrition value and high saturated and unsaturated fats figures make us go slow on it.When Adults can’t resist much then how can we stop kids having there Veggie Burger in their favorite joint.Burgers which are made outside are high in calories as they contain mayonnaise,allo tikki which is deep fried and almost negligible amount of vegetables.This makes it more unhealthy and fattening.
Here is a recipe of burger which is very low in calories and can be made once in a week or twice in a week for break fast.This will lower the desire of kids and adults to have full fattening burger outside also will make them eat fresh vegetables too.This burger will have calories approximately 350 where as burger in market will have around 700-800 calories.Total Fat will be 8.1g, 12%, Saturated Fat: 1.1g, 6%
Cholesterol: 0mg, 0%.

(For 1 burger)

1 boiled Potato
30gm Paneer(Indian cheese)
2-3tsp Olive oil(You can use your kitchen oil if Olive oil is not available)
1 Onion cut into circles
1 Tomato
Cabbage leaves 2-3
1 green chilly
Bread crumbs
Tomato Ketchup 1 tsp
you can also use minced Mushrooms,grated carrot,Green or Red capsicum
Pao or Burgers.

1.Mash the boil potato and Paneer add half green chilly(avoid if you don’t want it more spicy).Add salt and red chilli into it .You can add chat masala and garam masala also into it to make it spicier.you can also add chopped mushroom,capsicum and carrot to increase it nutrition value.

2.Take a pan and add 1tsp of Olive oil and saute the onion and cabbage.Saute it for 2-3min and add pinch of salt and pepper into it.

3.Make a round Pattie of allo mixture and wrap it with bread cums(bread crumbs are made by grinding bread without water in a mixer grinder).

4.Take 1 tsp of oil then add the Pattie and cook Pattie from both side.

5.Take burger cut it from the middle.Then slightly cook it like toast on your usual tawa with a tea spoon of ghee or butter.

6 .Put ketchup inside the burger then the allo Pattie .Below the allo Pattie put 2 leafs of sauteed cabbage.On the pattie put onions and tomatoes.

You can put a slice of cheese if you want to make it healthy and tastier for kids.You can make this burger with toffu as well.Will publish the toffu recipe if asked next time.This burger will be more chatpata and healthy then any burger sold outside.You can call it a Indian version of burger as it has all the masalas and Tomato ketchup into it.

Also still you are a total diet freak and still want to enjoy burger like taste then instead of Burger or Pao you can use whole wheat bread and avoid intake of maida(all purpose white flour)


  1. Thas great..It will be great sharing simple Indian low calorie recipes:)Come out with a low cal recipe soon 🙂


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