We Are On Cosmo Again


A month back team Cosmo asked us to write about Blogger beauty affair so I couldn’t think of anything else but my favourite Clarins cleansing milk .I love the product to bits so thought of adding it into my beauty love affair story

Along with me there were few other known bloggers who were included in  the list which are as follows:-

Ritu from Indianbeauty.com, Ankita from Corallista.com, Anshita from Vanitynoaplogies.There were few more .You can pick up this month Cosmo magazine to read the whole issue 🙂

Also bit about my favourite Clarins  Cleansing milk 🙂


The moment I apply it, the creamy consistency soothes my skin and my skin can feel the comfort. I use it to wipe off my every day makeup by just spreading it on my face and massaging it for 30-40 seconds and gently rubbing it off. I don’t have very dry skin but the moment I start massaging it I do see my skin soaking the cleanser.I then wipe off all my make up with a cotton pad and it removes eye makeup easily without hurting the eyes. It is able to remove almost all kinds of makeup unless it is a waterproof one.

It also imparts a bit of glow to the skin. If the weather is humid then I wash it off with lukewarm water as it gives me a bit of greasy feeling. Dry skin girls can stay without washing it off too. My skin feels moisturized and well looked after.

To show you how good it is removing makeup I have swiped eyeliner, mascara and three different kind of lipsticks here and applied the cleanser on it.Just massaged it for 30-50 seconds and wiped it off with a cotton pad.

Read full review here 


Wiseshe on cosmopolitian magaize


You can check out more about our acknowledgements here 

P.S – Special thanks Vasudha for giving us an opportunity 🙂




  1. Hey Ana.. congratulations.. Feels really nice to be associated with your blog.. our best wishes and good luck for the great work you do..

  2. Congrattttttttts!!!! Anamika 🙂 🙂 Im goin to buy Cosmo , it used to be my Favourite magazine during teens but not so much now 🙂


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