Wearable Smokey Eyes Tutorial for Hooded Eyes Using Naked 2


On my wedding day, I was sitting in front of the mirror to look my best as it was my most special day, my make up artist makes a quick comment to me. “How small and inset are your eyes? I have no canvas to paint on.” I was not upset but kinda worried if she has goofed up and trying to play safe. But not really she did an amazing job. I will share my pics with you all at the end of the post.

Yes I have eyes like droopy, hooded and inset. So they tend to look smaller than the proportion to my face. Smokey eyes look best on large eyes. But I like that look. Another practical problem with Smokey eyes us that they don’t really go well for casual sporting. Either you have to be attending an important function or you need to be a model / celebrity who walks with the same makeup even while grocery shopping.

So I made my own version of simple, practical semi-smokey eyes for hooded eyes. And here is how I do it. Hope you like it.

Here is the clean canvas. M wearing Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Clinique CC Cream on the face.

See how hooded my eyes are. They almost fall on my eye lids. Lol.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - Bare eyes+smokey eye makeup

Step 1 – Apply a light color eye shadow at the center of your eyelid. It important that the color is light reflecting else hooded eyes tend to look more inset.

Here I am using Suspect from Naked 2 Palette. Brush Flat brush Naked 2

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step1+eye makeup

Step 2 – Apply a lighter shade or a highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes. This will help your eyes open up.

Here I have used Bootycall from Naked 2 palette. Flat brush from Naked 2.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step2+smokey eye make up

Step 3 – Take a darker shade and apply in the outer corner into the groove This creates depth and makes your eyes pooping out a little.

NOTE: Here wear the dark color slightly outside the groove on the bone. Coz it make not been seen in hooded eyes.

Here I have used Busted from Naked 2 Palette. Brush , fluffy brush from Naked 2.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step3+eye make up

Stop check 1 – Here is how it should look.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - stop checck1+smokey eye how to

Step 4 – Kohl the lower water line and the upper lash line.

Here I have used Lakme Eyeconic Kohl.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step4+eye makeup ideas

Step 5 – Apply black liquid liner on the eyelids very close to the top lash line and outer corner ‘V’. NOTE: Since these are practical smokey eyes I have kept the drama away and drew thin eyeliner. I have not extended the liner to the lower inner corner as it tends to make the eyes look smaller. I have restricted it to outer  ‘V’ only.

Here I have used Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid eyeliner in black.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step5+how to smokey eye

Step 6 – Curler your eyelashes and apply load and loads of Mascara.

Here I have used Loreal Volume Millennium Lashes Mascara and Lancome Eye Lash curler.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step6+how to do smokey eye

Stop check – 2 Here is how it should look.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - stopcheck2+smoky eye makeup

Step 7 – Final step. Take some black eye shadow and matte out the glossy liquid eyeliner. This will soften the harsh lines of the liner and give the light smokey look.

Here I have used Blackout from Naked 2 palette. Brush Lakme Absolute Eye Shader brush.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - step7+makeup tips

Final Stop check: Here is how it should look.

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - Final look+how to do smokey eyes

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - bright light look+eye makeup tips

In Yellow light:

Smokey Eye look for Hooded Eyes - yellow light look+eye make up ideas

PS: I have to confess. Hail the blush queen!! Zeeeee…sorry I forgot to wear a blush 😛

Here is my wedding reception pic as promised.

wedding reception look+how to get smokey eyes

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  1. Very beautiful look ..i don have hooded eyes but i m gonna try something similar soon…Also, i loved your whole look..you look gorgeous .

  2. Bo!luv ur tute! Uv done it so nicely ke I forgive u fr not Wearin blush! 😛 I Wana do this too…uv mad rit seem so easy..

  3. You are pretty 🙂
    Loved the tut. I have hooded lids and I try the trick of shading the ‘hood’ but haven’t perfected yet.
    These nice tips here, am gonna try for sure.
    Loved the way you applied the eye liner in V.


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