Wearing Pink To Beat The Blues With L’OREAL Paris La Vie En Rose Collection


Wearing Pink To Beat The Blues

Hello Everyone,

Off late I really felt those much annoying Monday Blues although I am not in a 9 t0 5 job but blogging is far more engaging than a day job! Its not that I don’t love it but it more like I have a ‘When I open my eyes to when I close my Eyes’  kind of job which I love doing!

But honestly some Monday blues are hard to drive past! 😉 But then good things like these happen and when you see such thoughtful custom made ranges, you are all enthusiastic about your work and once again fall in love with all you do all over again! 🙂

All L'Oreal Color Riche Exclusive Pinks Collection Lipstick reviews

Ask anyone how would they like to deal with the Blues on certain days and some will say caffeine while some will say Meditation! Well, I feel like having caffeine for sure but along with it I surely need to go out and pep up myself and give a bit of self pampering by visiting a salon or even dressing up and going out even without any reason or chore!

All L'Oreal Color Riche Exclusive Pinks Collection Lipstick packaging

Exclusive Pinks Collection By Loreal

Well, going by the instinct, I decided to beat the Monday Blues with this blue outfit and needless to mention I indulged in one of my favorite shades from the latest Exclusive Pinks Collection which has been literally waiting to flaunt them! 🙂

loreal pink exclusive collection india

Wearing the shade Eva’s Delicate Rose which is a beautiful nude pink shade on my Olive skin tone and I absolutely fell in love with it!

I was instantly happy as the shade suited me so well and it was like how just a dash of lipstick can add so much happiness to your self just by a look at the mirror admiring yourself! 🙂

aishwarya pink lipstick India

Interestingly, the range has some really beautiful pinks shades which I am positive that will compliment most Indian skin tones! The blue toned pinks are gorgeous and can instantly elevate the look and complexions of the girls wearing the shades!

Eva’s Delicate Pink shade is a love at first sight shade for me and I am sure I can beat the blues on any given day by just finding the best pinks for me in the range!

Not only this the range has some gorgeously pigmented shades like JLo’s Delicate Rose , Liya’s Delicate Rose, Doutzen’s Delicate Rose etc. which are damn pigmented in a swipe and will leave the best dark lipsticks a run for their money because of the appeal of these pink shades is far better than any dark lip color!

Posting swatch pics again 🙂

All L'Oreal Color Riche Exclusive Pinks Collection Lipsticks swatches

Below are the pinks or sheer pink shade lovers.:)

All L'Oreal Color Riche Exclusive Pinks Collection Lipsticks shades

How do you deal with Monday blues and which shade is your favourite?

P.S – Check the collection here

You can also checkout the video on 5 Best Of Loreal Moist Matte pinks & Extraordinaire Matte Lipcolor |Brown Skin & Pigmented Lips:

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