Weekend Food Outing @ Little Italy Hyderabad


Some people eat to live but I fall in the typical today’s woman’s category – live to eat ! and envy those who don’t gain weight even when they eat like a horse :P.Also I love fresh fruits, salads and pastas and soups. The list  is unending .

I love to make friends who are fond of  food and I sometimes end up having long conversations on what I had and how much I am regretting it. Today I went to a near by restaurant ‘Little Italy’ with Hubby and friends. It’s is one of my favourite Italian joints. Here one can spend hours and hours tasting each and every delicacy and when you leave there still are numerous things which you would like to taste but there is no space left in your belly 😛

Interesting thing about this place is that their is non-vegetarian food is not served but they do offer cocktails:P

One can make their own fresh salad  and its not merely claimed fresh but actually fresh unlike Subway :P. I opted a big salad bowl with lots of olives, pickles, mushrooms cucumber and had it with mushroom soup. slurrrp!


little italy buffet Hyderabad+healthy food salad


One can try Nachos with different sauces .There are variety of breads and lasagne and everything which I like to have 🙂

nachos little italy hyderabad


This is their thin crust pizza in which they offer three varieties. By the way, it’s not an regular oven baked pizza from dominos which I find rather hard, this one melts into mouth with in no time.

little italy hyderabad pizza


italian pizza littel italy


Cheese balls, Fresh pasta, mexican food… one can try everything out here and later on I wondered why did they named it Little Italy 😛


cheese balls


My big plate of desserts 😉


desserts at  little italy


Carrot cake with fresh pineapples


carrot cake and pineapple


I loved clicking the food pictures and hope you enjoy them too 🙂

Those interested in visiting the restaurant - it’s in Jubilee hills and a couple meal costs INR 1800

How was your Sunday ? Ready for the Monday Morning & week ahead 🙂 ?



  1. :yippee: :yippee: then we too can have unending concersation about food..anyway we talk about food here every now and then 😀

  2. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm i lov lill italy..u making me nostalgic 🙁 ..i need to visit hyd soon 😀 n oh i fall in d latter category..shame to shame pinch :highfive: 😛

  3. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    ye little italy jana hoga ab toh..
    we to were hungy hungry so dominos gae next weeknd will try for little Italy :laugh:

  4. I HATE LITTLE ITALY!! I hate it so very much 🙁
    I had its menu by heart btw.It was my happy place till it vanished from the city one fine day.
    😥 waaaaaaaaaa 😥

  5. yummyyyyyy Ana my mouth is watering
    by the way :hug-makeup: even I love food n end up discussing a lot on it too 😀
    loved the pics too 🙂 🙂 i mean the photography 😉

  6. anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa itna saab kuch mere bina ?? ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)
    loveedddd the pics ( all all all 😉 😉 😉 )
    hubby doesnt like Italian food so i guess i will taste all this with you only :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  7. I looooooooooooooooove Little italy..Food is amazing……i really indulge in the bruschettas and the pizzas a lot.

    btw, since we r talking abt food, do visit De Thali (in the white house bldg next to lifestyle in begumpet)..

  8. droolfest!!!! everything looks yumm, each time I go I find something more amazing than the previous time….completely adoore this place!! Did you try the Senza Colada mocktail? Gaaaawrsh! it is absolutely to die for!!


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