Weekend With Guess Who :D:D


Weekend Game – Our  house is full of board games and whenever we have  guest at  our home we make sure that he or she plays at least one game with us:D:D

Guess who game India


How do you torture your guests :D:D


  1. i told u ana…..i used SESA hair oil….religiously fr one year…..it might be genetic also coz my mother had knee lenght hair…..but this oil did help me grow my hair long…..i have wiast lenght hair now…..touchwood…..and the fenugreek pack listed here on wise she is awsome…..i use that pack every week…..

  2. Hi ladies :)) All of you know that I have a vry slow internet.. but still I took some pain to comment on wise she just to inform you all that I did loads of shopping including my first buy from MAC O:-)
    Uff.. now I can rest in peace :vampire:

  3. Shilpa – I got the viva glam Cyndi lipstick 😀 They didn’t have any good fluidline though 🙁 So my MAC purchase for that trip ends there O:-) Will get more later 😀

    Anamika – You getting Illamasqua and BB and UD and what and all and you calling me a flaunt 😯 I got the viva glam Cyndi 😀 Such a pretty shade it is! I wanted any good fluidline but they didn’t have it :((
    Oh and the list of the other things related to makeup alone- Faces french rose lipstick, Faces blue eye pencil, Colorbar iglide coal mine, Lakme 133 lipstick, Maybelline gel liner, Chambor silk & dazzle liner (I had mentioned it already but still it feels nice to repeat 😀 ). Oh and I forgot to mention that Inglot has opened a store in the very imp city called Chennai 😀 So you know where i will go next 😀
    And the other shopping includes shirts and jewellery 😀

    Mitra – Oh how sweet is the taste of flaunting and making others go green! O:-)

          • I’m new to MAC na. So not sure what to buy. Wanted a good lipstick first from MAC and I was convinced cyndi will look good. I didnt want to try shades in a costly brand in MAC coz you know I’m still learning to pick shades. And I wanted a fluidline but they had only blacktrack available. When I have maybelline, that one is not needed na.
            And foundation and concealers I never use. And eyeshadow, I have that caviar dreams which I have started practicing with 😀
            Any other sugegstions for MAC coz next time I go thr, I dont have any idea what to try!

  4. Nothing as of now Maha…how i wish i gave some news.. 😀 me still in convincing-my-parents-stage…did you have to do a lot of convincing too?

    • You have taken the first step and we will soon get good news Mitra 😀 As for me, I am yet to start the convincing part :((
      And Anamika, for the first marriage (Mitra’s), you can gipht the samples and for the 2nd (mine), you can gipht full sized phoren makeup :vampire:

  5. haha! luckily we don’t. We have had a policy since beginning that no one should come without giving us a call beforehand and other times, there’s no one home to let any one in. {benefits of a super small family} hehe.



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