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 Does your weight puts you off and you think of going on some magical diets which ultimately makes you crave for more food ? Do you feel horrible when your siblings are slim and fit though they eat more than what you eat? Don’t worry it’s not you who is going through this, there are many of us who are in the same boat.
First of all let me clear it out that this article is not based on any fad diet, herbal remedy or weight loss pills .This article is about life style. When it comes to life style I am not going to ask you to adapt scary things.
Losing weight constitute lot many components .Bringing all these components will constitute weight loss .But focus is not only to lose weight but also to develop a healthy life style.
 Let us read about all the components which lead to weight loss.
First is the cardio which contribute around 20% in overall weight loss. Cardio exercises energize us and keep us active throughout the day. Therefore cardio exercises should not be over looked .They should always be part and parcel of our work out regime.
Second is weight training which contribute 30% in our overall weight loss. Weight training has a simple logic. It says that the more weight your muscle will built, the more calories in a day our body will require to maintain the muscles. You only have to build lean muscles and not bulk up muscles. If you have just started with weight training then start off slow by doing weight works ours, with higher repetition.
Last but not the least which is the most important factor and contributes 50% in our overall weight loss is food. Healthy food choices are essential for our weight loss success.

Choice of food contributes 50% in our weight loss. An average person burns around 1500-2000 calories a day which is known as Basal metabolic rate which does not include exercising. So basic crux of the matter is that if you eat 2000 calories per day no matter what your metabolic rate is ,if you engage in cardio exercise and resistant weight training you are guaranteed to lose weight.

It is simple and can be easily adapted in our daily life style .There is no extra component which you have to take care if you are following these three components.

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