weight loss and motivation which keeps you going

Somebody pointed your weight ,you felt awkward and decided to lose weight that very moment. After this if you have started looking for super fast weight loss programme then you are reading the right article and please continue reading.
Truth is that it is NOT possible to lose weight in a super fast way .If you are fat then probably the reason is that you are not motivated enough to lose weight and are looking for short cuts. Therefore to lose weight first thing which one should look for is not for any diet plan or exercise regime but for motivation.A person who is athletic can easily lose weight because his mind set is like that.
A fat person can lose weight by motivation. When women mentally prepare herself to lose weight her half battle is won. One needs to have strong will power, desire and strong mentality to lose weight.
Everyone knows that pizza and chocolate are hard to resist but if one is motivated enough then one will not eat it or probably opt for something which is healthy so that craving settles down.
I always believe that looking good is worth the sacrifice of unhealthy food. Who doesn’t like to have a friend or colleague who is good looking? In fact when I was an HR Manager and  use to take interviews I always liked to interview those candidates more who were fit especially in sales. Of course talent, ability and education do matter but so does the appearance.
Let’s take another example-Suppose there is a couple, both are fat and are walking down the street to a mall. The fat husband started checking out a thin attractive girl .Won’t this make the wife jealous. No women likes her spouse looking at someone who is better looking than her .In fact I always try to point out handsome guys but in a sweet way so that it motivates him to exercise and eat right. All these emotions motivate a person to change herself and her life style.
The key to lose weight is not any super fast diet but exercise and diet both .One cannot just diet and skip the exercise similarly can’t just exercise without proper diet. A balanced diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight as the weight lost naturally doesn’t come back fast.
.I hope this article motivated you to lose weight and not look for some short cut measures 🙂
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  1. Dear Anamika,You are right. Motivation to look good is really powerful. Usually overweight people give into their food weakness but if you have a burning motivation, it gives you enough power so say No.Fat people who think, they are good as they are and they don't want to change themselves for the world have the toughest time to reduce weight.Lovely article.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  2. Thanks Shiva,I guess it is the motivation which makes one win anything and weight loss is simply that..Thanks for passing by

  3. as i have been saying i am in real need for this motivation these days ….and these posts keep me on track :))http://weddingonthecards.blogspot.com/


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