WELLA System Professional Color Save Mask Review


Whenever I see a new product my inquisitive self pulls me to it, especially if it’s a hair care product …  mmm or – a lippi .. .or..a scrub .. ok ! I am confused here and I agree i am a person why buys things out of whim .Also, being a blogger I get a reason to buy more products and try them out.

This is the reason I bought Wella System Professional color save mask. I have been using L’oreal and Biolage hair mask since long and I was kind of bored of it . As Wella is a popular brand I thought of trying it out although the price was on the higher side.


About Wella System professional Color Save Mask:-

  • Colour protecting intensive treatment.

  • Provides long-lasting colour brilliance to coloured hair.

  • Protects against colour fading and colour shifting.

  • Price – Around 1500 for 400ml and lasts 2 months.
  • Packaging – It comes in a sturdy square packaging box which has a wide open neck. There is a thin plastic lid over the neck so I never had a bad moment where it got scattered all around .Although it’s just not travel friendly at all.


system professional power mask+system-professional-color-save-mask-review


My Wella System Professional Color Save Mask Experience:-

Let me first tell you a little about my hair. I have long hair and I use a lot of heat products on them. This results in split ends and dry ends and this is the reason I keep nourishing them with hair masks.My hair keeps getting damaged and these kind of hair masks are the only saving grace.

There are a few things about this mask which makes it absolutely worth its price. First the texture and second the fragrance.It has this luxurious feeling which can not be described but can only be experienced. I have used this mask for just one minute after shampooing and and have kept it for 5-10 minutes as well .Both ways it hydrates and softens the hair.My hair colour definitely stays longer with this. More so It works the same with almost all the shampoos. It never made my hair greasy and neither it weighs them down.


But this is something which L’oreal  hair spa nourishing cream bath also does and that too at one third its price.:P


system professional mask+


Summing it up

Wella System Professional Color Save Mask:-

  • Nice fragrance, softens hair and gives light shine to them.
  • Hydrates and doesn’t weight them down
  • It won’t make your hair greasy.
  • One tub with last for 2-3 months.I used it almost every alternate day and have long hair.
  • Due to its gel like texture it’s quite light weight and little amount covers whole of my hair.


system professional color


What I do not like about Wella System Professional Color Save Mask:-

  • Expensive
  • Not easily available in India.


  • Will I Re-Purchase – Definitely not! I will go back to my Loreal hair spa again which provides equal hydration and nourishment to my hair.


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Have you tried Wella System Professionnal Color Save Mask ?

 Wise She Rating – 3.5/5 (It’s expensive and cheaper options are available otherwise its a fab product.)

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  1. I have never used such masks for my hair, and at present my hair r in their bad phase. I want something like this. :pain:

  2. Aloe Vera & Maracuja Soothing Hair mask is what I use once a month. The product is well suited for every type of hair and serves my purpose. As my hair is a little frizzy…it is the one thing that settles it all.


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