Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss Review


Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss

 Hi everybody,

All of us have tried innumerable products to smoothen our hair and to control frizz; some show results, some don’t. Today I am going to review one such product that I used for the first time and I am a fan since then.

Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss

  • Price: INR 855 for 40ml.You can buy from here

About Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss :-

  • Defines the style by delivering confident, gleaming shine with a high-gloss finish.
    Smooth silicon fluid that glides easily onto the hair to create a platinum shine that’s glamorous.
    Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss is formulated to add an unforgettable glossy shine to your hair. A great product to control frizz and leave hair manageable.
  • This Wella Sp Gloss On contains an exclusive formula with reflecting particles transforming light into a vibrant shine. A special combination of active ingredients has an anti-oxidising effect and protects your hair against UV-rays.

Directions to use: Blend 1-2 drops into the palms of your hands and then distribute onto hair from ends up to mid-length. May be used on damp and dry hair.

My experience with Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss:-

It comes as a cylindrical glass bottle with a white plastic pump dispenser mouth and cap. It is absolutely spill proof. The pump dispenser allows you to pump just as much of the liquid you want. The finishing range offers 3 kinds of shine- pearl smooth, platinum gloss and diamond reflect. This one is platinum gloss.

Wella SP Platinum Gloss

If you see from outside, the liquid is very thick and before this I used to run away from thick serums as my conception was that thick serums can make hair look greasy. I tried this on, pumping very little amount of it on my hand and then on to my hair. I used it very sparingly initially because of the fear of greasiness until one day when I accidently used a thick amount of this on my front bangs. I thought “O god, what did I do, now they are going to look weighed down” but to my surprise within a few seconds the serum kind of evaporated leaving insanely smooth and shiny hair. I have tried loreal and streax serums before this and I can say this one is hands down the best one. I say best because it has that awesome fragrance, makes hair very smooth and shiny. I can actually see the glossy shine on my hair without a hint of greasiness despite of it being a thick liquid. I absolutely love it. Now I use it once after every wash or when my hairs are unmanageable. It makes them easy to comb, shiny and smooth for 2 days, oozing an amazing fragrance for 1 day.

Wella SPPlatinum Gloss

Now it is a bit pricey but has impressive results and moreover you need very little of this for each time so that makes it all worth. The only problem is the availability. It is either available at salons having Wella’s franchise or some shopping sites online.

frizz free hair

What I like about Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss:-

  • Leaves hair amazingly soft
  • It adds shine to the hair, which I didn’t get from any other serum.
  • Controls frizz up to 80%.
  • Has very pleasing fragrance.
  • A little is needed for one time use.
  • Does not make hair feel greasy even if you drop in more; despite being so thick.

What I don’t like about Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss:-

  • Pricey
  • Availability is a problem.
  • Glass bottle has to be handled carefully.

Rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Wella System Professional Platinum Gloss?

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  1. For an instance I thought it is a lip gloss 😛 😛

    40ml and 855 INR is something too much but I am happy to know the result .. looks promising. Nice review Sahiba 🙂

  2. after ana recommended their shampoo and conditioner am eyeing hard to get these 😀
    shall def going to give this as well a try 😀
    your hairrrr .. my god stunning 😀


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