Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review – Rebonding At Home


 Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit

Today I’m going to review a rebonding kit from Wella. I have undergone rebonding twice before and this time I thought of doing it at home only as I knew how to do it. It’s a time consuming process and you need someone who can help you. As I told before I have done rebonding twice before and that is why I know the entire procedure and bought this kit as it showed good results. I wish I could show you the entire procedure photo tutorial but this idea dint come to my mind :-P, so sorry for that. Anyways, even if you are new then also you can do your own rebonding as there are many video’s on youtube and this rebonding kit comes with an instruction pamphlet too which has all the steps written in details. Let’s move to the review now.

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review+straightening hair

  • Price: 450 INR

About Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit:-

Wellastrate Straight System Intensive Straightening Cream Mild is a powerful and reliable straightened, thanks to its new cationic formula base, to ensure ideal structural balance at the same time. Its special Hydro Safe Complex demonstrably increases the hair’s own capacity to retain moisture, whilst the reserves of moisture formed in this way prevent the hair structure from drying out. Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

Directions to Use: (from the website)

Straightening Cream
– Leave the straightener until all the curls are gone, check by pushing the hair up, as to form a curl, (process not more than 20 minutes)
– Next fully rinse your hair with water.

Neutralizing Cream
– Apply straightening cream in your hair, rinse and repeat at least twice if necessary. Condition and style it, and enjoy the new you.

Size: Straightener 100ml & Neutralizer 100ml

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review Tubes+hair straighten

My Experience with Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit:-

The kit contains one straightening cream, one neutralizing and an instruction pamphlet. The straightening cream comes in a brown tube and it smells horrible but every straightening cream smells like this only because of the chemicals so you need to bear it. The cream is thick in texture but it spreads easily on hair. Since it is thick in consistency it’s hard to take out the product but I emptied it in a bowl. The cream comes out from hair easily and the smell also fades after washing hairs.

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review tube package+hair straightening lotion

The neutralizer again comes in a brown tube and is white in color. The texture is creamy and it spreads easily. You need to pour the neutralizer in a bowl since taking it out from the tube again and again can be tiring. It has mild fragrance and fades after washing. The quantity is huge and it’s more than enough for my elbow-length hairs. The Kit gave me amazing results and my hairs got poker straight with the help of this kit. I am really happy with and will recommend it to everyone. 🙂 It also dint damage my hairs other than the damage rebonding cause. There are two variants available, strong and medium. If your hairs are very curly then go for strong variant and if your hairs are less wavy then go for the medium one. Even if you are unsure of doing rebonding yourself, then you can tell your stylist to use this kit as it gives nice results. 🙂

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review Cream Hand Swatch+hair straighten

It is a misconception that rebonding damages hair, this is the third time I am doing rebonding and I haven’t faced any problem yet. It’s really important to take care of your hairs after rebonding as this process is full-of-chemicals. I go for regular spa’s and use homemade hair mask religiously and I would suggest you the same if you do not want to damage your hairs.

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review Hair+hair styling

What I like about Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit:-

  • Affordable when compared with the quantity and quality
  • Each tube is of 100 ml which is enough for my elbow length hairs
  • Comes with a pamphlet so that you can understand how to use the products
  • Results are amazing
  • Creams don’t damage, in face they leave my hairs conditioned
  • Dermatological Tested
  • Gives poker straight hairs
  • There are two variants available i.e. medium and strong
  • Easily available online and stores that stock Schwarzkopf products
  • Huge quantity

What I don’t like about Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit:

  • Doesn’t come with gloves and boards
  • Contains chemicals but then it’s REBONDING!

Wise She Rating: 5/5

Will I recommend?? Yes!! Go for it and I’m sure you’ll love the results. 🙂

 Have you tried Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit ?

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    • hi… i just wanted to know how much quantity do m suppose to apply… i have shoulder length hair.. nad how long does this effect stay … kindly do reply.. 🙂

      • Hey richa… One kit is enough for your hairs 🙂 and the effects stay for min. 6-8 months but if you care well then it can also last upto 1 year! 🙂

        • Hi deboshree i did wella smoothening from parlour 4 days back today i went for the first wash but i cant see much difference my hair is as it was. They charged me 6500 what shall i do? Can you send me the pic of your smoothened hair

    • I got it from a nearby cosmetic shop.. and yea it’s available on amazon and ebay 😀
      also on medplus, but currently it’s out of stock 🙁

    • Go for it tulips… it’s available on medplus too but out of stock at the moment… But i am sure you’ll get it easily in big store 😛

    • Go for it tulips… it’s available on medplus too but out of stock at the moment… But i am sure you’ll get it easily in big store’s 😛

  1. very nicely written Deboshree!!! This is something I’ll nvr need all thanks to my naturally poker straight hair. your hair is lovely…..

  2. very nice deboshree. i had got my hair straightened two years back and they are now again wavy :(. you gave me such a nice option . thank you for sharing this one.

  3. Wow, that’s really something. I have had rebonding done 4 times. I love the results. But it has always come at a price. I have started losing a lot of hair ever since I got it done the first time.
    I am very surprised you got great results at home. That’s awesome.
    BTW did you have to straighten your hair with a straightening iron before applying the creme?

    • Yea neha… I starightened my hairs before applying the cream as it was instructed 🙂
      and yea i agree with you that it is really expensive to get rebonding every-time 🙁

  4. I will need to look in market for this.. awesome review Deboshree..! i have straightening hair and now they growing wavy from roots.. may do touch up with it then.. 😀

  5. I did three time straighting..and now its too much of hairfall..its breaking..i m using L’Oreal breakage shampoo and conditioner.. And no improvement..so can I use this product..rply..

  6. Hi i have seen in saloons here that after applying the hair rebonding cream they usually use hair iron for a couple of minutes; do you do the same?

    • First you need to straight your hairs completely with the help of straightening iron and then only apply the cream… The end results depend on the straightening you do fani! 🙂

  7. Please tell me where do I buy this product from? I badly require this as doing the same thing from a Salon will cost about ten times more the price of the product! Ebay and Amazon both sell it for way more than Rs 450! 🙁

  8. hi. do you hav an idea if wat wud be the result if i blend wellastrate intense and mild together? i bought mild and intense and im planning to blend it together. i have thick curly hair so 100 ml is not so enough. do you think it wud be okay? pls. response. thanks!

  9. I straightened my hair with wellastrate straightening cream strong. I followed the same procedure as yours. But I didn’t get a poker straight hair 🙁 its still wavy but better than My original hair type that is curly. I expected poker straight hair and I’m really disappointed now 🙁
    Please answer my queries so that I can figure out what went wrong.
    Is it because
    1. I used a wrong straightener? I used Philips. It costs Rs.1995.
    2. Is it because I oiled my hair when I washed on the third day?
    I know that was wrong decision from my part :-/ But my hair looks really rough if I don’t oil my hair before shampooing :'(
    Please answer this.
    Thanks in advance 🙂
    Btw I love your blog. 🙂

    • did you use the same product that is displayed here in the site!!! cos there are many wellastrate products for hair rebonding… the product mentioned here in the blog costs around 4,500/- in amazon … may be you might have bought a product that costs around 400/- to 500/- which is of different packing from that mentioned in this blog!!! just cross check it 🙂

  10. what kinda shampoos & conditioners should be used after this rebonding treatment? can we use shampoos like sunsilk or tresemme? my hair is vry curly and i want to go for this treatment at home.. will surely write my review here after i use this..ur hair looks lovely Deboshree

  11. hello
    I straightened my hair with wella straightening cream in parlor but my hairs are wavy nw within 15 days plz suggest what to do
    i also want shampoo kit
    plz help me hw could i get that

  12. hey
    very helpful review since i m thinking of rebounding at home
    i haven’t had it done before
    what are boards?? are those really necessary to do rebounding at home?

  13. Such a nice review.. I waz planning to straighten my hair in Lakme salon which waz about to cost me 8k.. Was about to dig a big HOLE on my pocket 😀 thank you soo much for such a great review! Now that I came to know about this m never gonna go to parlour and waste money ..xD Thankss

  14. Hi Deboshree,

    I am totally shocked to see such a good result in such low budget….but when checked online to buy this product i found it in many variations…when i searched for the same coloured box which you have displayed here in the site…i found the cost of the product which is matching to the one you have shown here at around 4,500/- in amazon …. I am surprised you have mentioned it to be of 400bucks…can you please clear my confusion!!!!


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