Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit: Review & Swatches




Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit: Review

I never thought brow kits made any difference before A started reviewing them. I still recall my fascination began with brow kits when she reviewed the Body Shop Brow kit and then the lastest on the block has been the Sleek brow kit as well.

After seeing the TBS brow kit review, I was very keen on trying it out but for some odd reason the stores in Pune don’t stock them..God knows why though, it ain’t like Pune-ites wouldn’t like groomed brows!! Huff!

Anyways, this was on my wishlist when a pal of mine went abroad and all thanks to him for getting this to me. I am learning to use it though but its sooo exciting!


wet n wild brow kit review + best brow kit


Product Claim:-

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit is a handy compact which comes with complete tools for shaping, smoothing, defining, and maintaining flawless brows. Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit comes in 2 five-piece sets. Soft wax, setting powder, hard angle brush and mini tweezers are included in this eyebrow set for shaping brows, defining and plucking out stray hairs.


  • Price:$3.99



wet n wild brow kit review + brow kits



wet n wild brow kit review + eyebrow kit


My take on Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit:-

  • Packaging:Comes in a compact and user friendly rectangular palette wherein one half has 3 slots for the 2 brow powders and 1 wax pan and the other half houses a tiny tweezer and a slanted brush which is the best when compared to the brushes you get seperately. The base of this half can also be used as a mirror and if you want a larger mirror, have no worries! This wonder even has a rectangular mirror which slides out from the base. Totally handy, sturdy and I love travelling with it too! 🙂




wet n wild brow kit review + wet n wild ultimate brow kit review



  • Colors: Like most brow kits, this kit comprises of 3 main pans: a dark brown powder, a lighter brown and the brow wax. The dark brown is a tad bit too dark for me and so, I’ve been using it as a liner instead 🙂 The light brown works perfectly though and gives the right definition to my brows 🙂




wet n wild brow kit review + eye brow kit review


  • Pigmentation & Texture: Both the powders are very pigmented and a tiny dip is more than sufficient. So no need to dig and dig at all 🙂 Even the wax is easy to use and spreads well to lock in the powder and give the brows that perfect shine.




wet n wild brow kit review + brow shaping kit review


  • Staying Power: I have tried it with and without the wax and as expected, the staying power is much longer if used with the wax. I use this at around 7am and it’s still there when I’m back in the evening albeit a tiny bit faded.


wet n wild brow kit review + eyebrow powder

Why I love Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit:


  • Soft texture which makes it easy to spread.
  • Defines the brows perfectly.
  • Comes with a tweezer, brush AND mirror!!! Yey!!
  • Staying power is really good.
  • The wax is not super hard like with a lot of brow waxes around.
  • The packaging is sturdy and it’s very convenient to carry during travelling. Fragrance free
  • One gets the option of 2 brow powders which is great because the shade which can’t be used for the brows can also be used as a liner.
  • Pretty affordable.


wet n wild brow kit review + eyebrow makeup review


Why I don’t like Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit:-

  1. I don’t like the fact that I have to dip into the wax with the same brush since this means that the wax gets a bit dirty.
  2. Wish these were available in India too!

wet n Wild review+ kit brow review



  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Utility: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 4.5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Availability: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5


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      • pleasure..i have three brow kits and i love each one of them ..also i like mac brow pencil in brown it gives most natural look to the brows but its expensive and last max for two months so i kind of switched to cheaper option 🙂

        • i was sold out the time u reviewed tbs brow kit…but it never seems to be available in pune branch…i wonder y..Puneites also have a right to well grommed brows na? 😉

    • yeps..i remember when i was young mom used to used a black one and it used to look so rough and harsh that it put me off….iused t feel like brow pencils r all faaltu and useless until i saw ur reviews and realised how pretty it can make one look..

        • black suits very few..i feel it looks so fake…one of our faculty also wears black brow pencils and it luks so yuck..like a story book person ke brows…urgh!

    • yeos Keerthi…this is sooooo light on the pocket and in most stores they come in packs of 2, so its really nice to have…and it has everything…mirror, tweezers, brush…and its so compact that it’ll fit into any clutch or purse araam se….u shud definitely pick this up when u can..

  1. sounds good……… :-)) ……………………. zara aaj kal mere jaisa students ki budget ki products dikha rahi ho……………. thanks :yes: :yes:

    • swats, ttbs aso has a brow kit which A has reviewed earlier..check out the links given at the end of the post…the tbs wala review ink is also given..m telling u, ul luv it!

  2. Happy new year Zeeeeeeee…………….. 😀 😀

    Your brows definitely look more defined with the product on. And I can see some eye make-up 😀 😀

  3. wow! i had seen this used my many you tube folks in amreeka! n d results seem to b great! n yea! ur review has nly confirmed y i shud order dis one from my cuz =) 😀

  4. woww Zara i also want a frn lyk urs frn 🙁

    as for this one it has definitely made a visible change :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: seeeing is believing.. but i still dnt knw whether i neeed brow stuff or not 😕 ?:-) :-/ :idk:

    • hehe..i hope my pal goes abroad again yaar..sacchi me..

      it does make a change re..i didnt believe it wud make a difference either…but then i wanted t try one desperately after A reviewed it..and now that i kno wot a diff it makes, m all enthu for it!

      waise ur brows r quite thivk n nice…maybe u can try geting a simply brow pencil and checking it out…

    • thanks Ups! i always think my lashes rnt too nice..easpecially when i see Dr. Neeraj’s lashes…Oh man! they r to die for..

  5. Hey Zee,
    the difference is so visible na.. i wilsh if it was available here.. I will be ordering that sleek one soon… 🙂


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