What Actually Happens With Girls /Ladies In Ghaziabad


What Actually Happens With Girls /Ladies In Ghaziabad

Hello ladies! Last evening the entire nation was shocked to know about Dipti and how she had been abducted while coming from her office via Metro and then taking a shared auto. I have been brought up in Ghaziabad, therefore I know what might have happened. Her scared face came in front of my eyes and I could hardly sleep. Ghaziabad is a place which is divided into two sections of society, there is one section where girls are brought up with lot of love and care and sent to best of the schools and then there is another section which considers women as a piece of meat and nothing more.

Every time I hear about a rape somewhere, the accused is related to the NCR region because that’s exactly the place where monsters are raised! They are the Dons of the family and their moms feel proud of giving birth to a male boy. They don’t get educated and consider the law and order to be a joke.

Yesterday, all the incidents which were faced by a few of my known ones and friends came in front of me and I would like to share these with you so that the world sees a true picture of what we go through while getting raised in Ghaziabad.

One of my acquaintance was dating a boy and like most couples they were sitting near a place on a lonely road at around 7 in the evening. Suddenly they saw three boys coming and they started beating the boy. The girl went ahead & started shouting on them and tried to get the boy free. Little did she know what was coming next! One of the boy pulled her and started undressing her leggings. She started pleading him to not to do that and then he started slapping her hard and told her if she didn’t allow them to do so then they would kill the boy. The first boy was joined by the second boy and they started undressing and hurting the girl. Suddenly the boyfriend of the girl got loose and picked his bike and started fighting them. He threw stones at them and did his best so that they would leave the girl . This way both of them ran away & headed towards their homes.

The couple is happily married now but it could have not been the same if that girl would have been raped. Next day she came and narrated the story she could barely walk and was bruised badly. She was crying constantly and told us that her beau was hospitalized and they couldn’t explain this to anyone as their family would have found out about their affair.

This incident never had an FIR filed because “RAPE” didn’t happen.


A similar incident happened to one of my neighbor friends who was barely in 8th standard and went to meet her boyfriend near a posh club. Some 6-7 boys came in a car and started beating the boy but the girl ran away. They came to catch her but she hid herself in the bushes and somehow saved herself!

You see it’s like a cat and mouse chase in Ghaziabad. You can be caught and get raped and beaten by those monsters or you can be lucky enough to escape. I know it’s wrong to meet in a lonely place at such a young age but can you stop the teenagers? Who has this kind of maturity in the teenage years. Moreover there are so called ‘big brothers’ in Ghaziabad who would beat you to death if they find out that their sisters are having an affair! That’s another story altogether.

What happened to Dipti happened with my friend as well!

She was coming from a meeting from Delhi and it was 9p.m in the night. She took a shared auto which was had three boys in it. After a few minutes, 2 more boys sat in the auto and the auto driver raised the music volume. She felt a little uncomfortable and started shouting  but I think those auto boys were trying to abduct and rape a girl for the first time so they were kind of little nervous. Instead of first abducting her, they started talking to her and asked her where she would go and then told her they were going to take her to some other place..When she sensed what they were trying to do she told them that she had a huge family of brothers and they could take her money and gold earrings but let her free!

I don’t know how but they kept her with them for half an hour in the auto and had the guts to move around with high volume in the auto in the whole city. Afterwards, they got a little scared and let her loose. She narrated the whole incident to her father and her father had a huge scene with the company whose responsibility¬† was to drop the girl safely to home if it was that late.

Those auto boys might have tried another girl next day finding abduction so easy and a girl might have got raped ..Who knows? I only know my friend’s story.

Most of the raped cases don’t even get registered fearing that girl might not get married or fearing the society pressure.These are few incidents which I am narrating here as I don’t want to narrate more incidents which have mostly been missed cases..My known ones were lucky but Dipti was not! Although she did tried her best to be safe, she did inform her father when she was coming and was constantly talking to her friend.

I now don’t take autos in Ghaziabad. I always book a cab or ask my driver to pick me up or drop me but I want to ask why do we have to live a scared life? Why we fear going out after 7pm alone in evening. Why all moms pick and drop their girls and don’t feel confident to send their girls to even near by places.

Also, incidents which I have narrated here are not recent..They are 10-15 years old so it has been happening since a long time and its still going on in Ghaziabad. As Dipti’s incident has brought these issues in limelight, I hope some strong measures will be taken to curb this Gundaraaj in GHAZIABAD!

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