What Anarkali Suit Should I Buy For Party?


What Anarkali Suit Should I Buy For Party

Anarkali is universal attire that suits every kind of build for a woman. I am sure every woman in India would have at least one anarkali suit in her wardrobe. Don’t you agree?

Anarkalis are suited to every body type is what their most unique and beautiful feature is. Another thing most useful about them is that they are suited to almost all kind of functions  weddings, engagements, cocktails etc. They are suited to every age group, even small girls look different and attention grasping wearing these.

anarkali for wedding

If chosen carefully, they can help you look petite and slim even if you are a plus size. There are different styles and types of anarkali suits which are compatible to all the body types. Whether you are slim, plump, fat, tall or short, there would be at least one pattern suiting your body type.

Flared Anarkali

There are flared and non-flared anarkali suits in different fabrics like cotton, silk, organza, georgette etc. One needs to choose them wisely. We should try and buy these and choose the one which suits us perfectly. Identified into 4 body types, women body shape is very much an important factor to decide the type of anarkali suit you could wear.


I am providing you a fair idea here below to help you decide your body shape and the type of anarkali you could carry. So analyzing it at a store would make you opt for the right ones to buy. But do not forget to try them on!

Since it’s for a party, obviously the suit has to be a little heavy, embellished and flared. If you belong to a tall body type, you can easily go for any anarkali type but best fit would be a waist line anarkali which would embrace your body well and make you look made for it. Bordered anarkali suits would also look great on you. Try crepe or Georgette for best fits.

Bordered anarkali suit

If you are a little short and petite, you can go for a knee length anarkali suit which would make you look a little taller and fitter than you are and would let your legs be visible which make your presence prominent and better. You can try V-necks. Avoid full length anarkali suits if you are shorter in height.

In case you are plump in shape, anarkalis are actually made for you! You can hide all your flabs in its flares and be free of the consciousness. But you should avoid too many flares as they would make you look fat. Go for longer or quarter sleeves to hide the fatty arms. Also, avoid cotton anarkalis as cotton would not stay along your body and lead you to look even fatter than you are. Chiffon and georgette or even silk anarkali suit would definitely be the right choice for you.

Anarkali with Jacket

rajasthani outfit

If you are very slim, you should try wearing anarkali suits with jackets. You can also wear medium flared anarkali styles in cotton or organza. They will give your body a shape and fit you immensely well.

I hope this post could help you get enough idea on the fit of anarkali suits on our bodies and how we can choose the right one for us. Regarding them, one thing can be said that they are saviors for any occasion and you can definitely trust them.

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