What Are Eye Primers For



What Are Eye Primers For

Does your eye shadow end up smudged all over your face by the end of the day? Or does your eye shadow just vanish from your lids before you could manage to go out? Then, the name of the magical solution is “Eye Primer”.

Eye primer?? Even two years back, I was like..mmm..What is that?? And I got to know about its benefits only when I started experimenting with different eye makeup. My first eye primer was from Urban Decay which was a part of my Naked Pallet. I used it for the first time, and I was so amazed with the results. Experts say that if you don’t prime before applying eye makeup, you’re committing a serious makeup crime.


Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion reiew


A primer makes tremendous difference. Lets see how:-

  • It makes your eyes shadows more vibrant:-  You can make colors more intense by applying a primer prior to makeup application to the eyelid. Yes, it brightens up my eye shadows beautifully and makes your eye shadows stand out more.
  • Long staying makeup:- Primer’s main use is to help makeup adhere to the skin and therefore stay on longer. It makes your eye shadow last longer on your eyes so it doesn’t smudge and the pigment of the shadows doesn’t fade, and to prevent creasing of the eye shadow as well.
    Keep your eye makeups looking as fresh as it did the moment you applied it — all day.
  • Even application:- It adds a layer on your eyes so that the eye shadow can be applied in a smooth and even layer, and so that it will stay in place on the eyelid.
  • Eye primer helps your eye shadow to stay in place without getting smudged all over your face at the end of the day.


faces cosmetics eye primer+faces eye primer


  • The light nude tint of eye primers helps disguise any discoloration on eyes. It might on minor dark circles as well. But keep in mind that eye primer is not meant to be used underneath the eyelids to cover heavy dark circles, for it is not a “depuff” or “lighten” makeup.

How to use eye primer

Take a little bit of the eye primer you want to apply. Sometimes it comes in a pot, sometimes in a bottle and tubes with doe-foot applicators.


Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion


Apply on the tips of fingers or directly on the lids. Start blending from the lash line all the way to your eyebrow. Cover the places anywhere you want to apply your eye shadows. Some eye primers are sheer, devoid of any color and some have a slight nude hint to it.


eye shadow primer wild blue eye makeup


Generally eye primers have slightly wet consistency, but they dry quickly once applied. In order to make sure that it dries quickly and properly, it should be applied in a thin, even layer. Blend well until it disappears.

Eye primer makeup glides onto your eyelid not only ensure to that your eye shadow stays on all day, but looks makes sure it is even, vibrant and looks stunning on you.

Do you use eye primer?

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