Kitten Heels!



After seeing the post on kitten winged eyeliner here,Wise She Magnet – Good Bye , Cat Eye Hello, Kitten Eyes (Cosmo)  I was reminded of another favorite of mine…kitten heels!! So what exactly are they?? According to Wikipedia: Kitten heels, sometimes called short stilettos, are shoes with a tapered heel of approximately 1-3 inches height. They are on the shorter end of stiletto shoes, which can have heels as tall as 5 inches.


Kitten heels_tappered heel shoes


As much as I LOVE stilettos, :heart: they’re not the most practical thing the mommy of a hyperactive toddler can wear :struggle: Here’s where kitten heels come to the rescue. They’re far more comfortable and can glam up any outfit. They look very feminine and the trend is said have to been sparked by yesteryear actress, Audrey Hepburn. Over the years, many celebrities have been spotted sporting kitten heels, from Marylin Monroe to Angelina Jolie. Currently, kitten heels are all the rage thanks to none other than Michelle Obama who has been constantly seen in a pair. No surprises there since she’s considered a fashion diva and is almost always impeccably dressed.


Let’s start with the basics. Classic black never goes out of style and these can be worn any time of the day and to any ocassion

Kitten heels_Classic black+kitten heel shoes

Those who’re a fan of animal prints are sure to love to love these pumps with super skinny golden kitten heels. Floral prints are all the rage nowadays. If you’re not too keen on floral print when it comes to clothes, you can incorporate the trend on your feet :shy:  Mint is another hot trend that continues to entice most of us :heart:

Kitten heels_Animal print_Floral print_Mint trend+kitten heel

There’s always something for everyone and I’ll let the pictures do the talking here :lashes:

kitten heels_fancy wear+kitten heels shoes

Okay, how about some classy gold and silver ones to glam up just about any outfit, be it Indian or Western

kitten heels_Classy gold and silver wear+what are kitten heels


How many of y’all are bored of Corals? I sure am not! And this one looks sooo comfy, don’t you think? :cute:

kitten heels_coral+pink pumps


Here are a few trendy yet sophisticated patterns and desings 😎

kitten heels_trendy patterns+kitten heels sandals


Want to add some fun and pizzazz to your overall outfit? Try one of these

kitten heels_Pizza designs+sparkly heels



These are my favoritessst of the lot! They’re so cool, so unique, and perfect for summer! :inlove:

Kitten heels_cool summer foot wear+beige heels

Warning: These are NOT for the faint-hearted! :stop:

Kitten heels_funky design foot wear+high heels  


And finally, some cute and funny ones…just for laughs :giggle:

kitten heels_funny kittens with heels+highheels 


Hope you liked it. :cute: I wanted to end this post with a pic or two of my fav kitten heels…ones that I actually own. 😛 But this post is image-heavy already and I don’t want to drive you to boredom :yawn:

Disclaimer: Please note that I do not own any of these images and they have been sourced from Google. If anyone has any objections, please contact us.

Sooo…..which ones of the lot would you pick?


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  1. kitten heels are damn cute :cute: I recently bought the same pure black and a hot red peep toe one and they are my most used ones of late, nice post dear :hug-makeup:

  2. kitten heels r very sexy…lovely post drooling over d pics :hug-makeup: but personallly i dont wear heels at all max wedge heels :-/ only have a boot wid kitten heel 😀

    • Thanks Nav 🙂 Y’know, kitten heels r so common but it was so hard to find pics that i like :-/ Am not entirely happy with this selection


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