What Can You Genuinely Do To Help Nepal



What Can You Genuinely Do To Help Nepal

Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, which is one of the worst quakes to have hit the country since 1934. Along with Nepal, India and Bangladesh too couldn’t flee from the clutches of the earthquake. Death toll crossed the 3500 mark in ‪‎Nepal’s worst disaster in over 80 years. While 57 lives in India and 3 in Bangladesh were also reported to surrender in front of nature’s fury.


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Be cautious with your forwards

The first thing you can do is staying calm. Within an hour of the hit, a flurry of posts on social media and messaging platforms claimed another, more powerful earthquake was set to strike India and neighbouring countries. A lot of scary devastating and catastrophic calamities are hitting the earth and shaking its mere existence. NEPAL is trying to cope, people are losing loved ones, people are dying, they are panicking, running about and seeing their houses get destroyed and losing their loved ones in front of their own eyes, they are trying to live despite all this.. Somehow, hoping and keeping faith that things will mellow down. The least we can do is be cautious in our forwards and posts so as not to cause further panic when we are in no position to lessen the panic.

AID groups

Here is a list of organizations that are helping victims in Nepal and other affected areas, which you can support. Death toll is nearly 4,000 with hundreds of thousands of people injured and having lost their homes. You can help. Donate your heart out, they need us. Donate as much as you can, every penny is crucial. Your immediate response can allow them to reach even more families affected by this disaster.


Nepal Earthquake 2015


  • Oxfam
    Donate here
  • World Vision
    Donate here
  • Samaritan’s Purse
    Donate here
  • Care
    Donate here
    Donate here
  • Save the children
    Donate here
  • Catholic Relief Services
    Donate here
  • Doctors Without Borders
    Donate here
  • Global Giving
    Donate Here
  • Handicap International
    Donate Here
  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
    Donate Here
  • Help Nepal
    Donate Here

There are many other aid groups helping Nepal, search on google to find more. Keep donating, keep helping. And yes, when donating to charity it’s a good idea to check here to make sure your money is being put to good use and the charity is not a scam.


You can simply volunteer yourself as emergency workers and search for victims in the debris of collapsed buildings and temples. If you are a doctor, then please hurry. They need you.


Nepal Hit by earthquake


Prepare your own aids

Gather your friends and relatives, collect fund and prepare to send medicines and food packets and drinking water to the affected areas.

Make a good use of the social media

The role of social media in disaster management has been huge in the past. Each disaster finds its way on social media for information exchange. Social media is filling the void where cell services are lost. World has turned to Facebook, Twitter, and Google to stay informed, contact loved ones, notify authorities, and express support. I so very appreciate how Facebook is doing its bit to help the people of Nepal. From the security check to this donation initiative. Donate my typing #SupportNepal on facebook search.

Our prayers are with the people of Nepal and all affected by this tragedy. Hope God gives them enough strength to fight for lives.

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  1. This tragedy has been personal this time! My cousin was stuck there and she was lucky enough to come back to delhi safely ! The anguish we went thru for two days for probably a fraction of what people are facing having lost everything ! I will b donating this months salary –
    This time this tragedy hit home

    • One of my friends went there for honeymoon. He and his wife were stuck in Kathmandu for 3 days, and we couldn’t get through any helpline…Didn’t even know if they were okay or not..Those three days of anxiety and panic..


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