What Causes Your Hair Color To Fade Quickly?


What Causes Your Hair Color To Fade Quickly?

If you are in your 30’s you are definitely either already getting your hair colored or are contemplating it. Even if you have not started it or if you are already getting it done since years, I am sure you have observed that the hair color fades way too quickly then the packet of your hair color mentions. It is definitely frustrating to see the color leave you this quickly for which you paid and you leered to have that color for some time at least.

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What is the reason that the color faded? Well it’s pretty simple and the reasons are usually around us while we choose to ignore them. The color fades with simple water. Yes! If you are used to drench your hair with water, the color is sure to leave you sooner than you could imagine.

More Shampoo

Also, more you shampoo, more is the porosity of the color lost. The contact of shampoo makes the particles of color leave your cuticle and leave you with weird looking hair which is neither your hair as they were prior to color nor are completely colored.

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Another damaging factor is the exposure to sun light. Sun is known to absorb the color through its harmful ultra violet rays which are not good for skin and hair alike.

So, what can be done to prevent the hair damage and the loss of color?

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One feasible solution to fight the color is definitely to use less of shampoo. Shampooing also needs to be done in a different manner. As was shared in a recent post on shampooing, one should dilute the shampoos before using them with water instead of applying them directly. This way the effect of chemicals in shampoos is restricted.

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Color-protection Shampoo

Also, if we have to use a shampoo, it should be color friendly. Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners should only be used by you once you are using the hair colors. If you feel the need to shampoo more than usual, you should choose a mild shampoo which is color friendly. This way you can elongate the life of your hair color, else it shall fade and also the shine and protein of your hair would also wither away shortly.

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Another precaution one must take is to wear a hat or scarf while roaming around in sun. Sun rays can definitely not be avoided but the effect can be minimized through the use of some covering over your head. This way, breakage and fade both can be prevented to a considerable extent.

Leave-in Serums

Also, you could try for leave-in serums or shampoos which are built in to protect your hair from the sun and dust. As these damage your hair and hair color both. You could definitely try your hands on the same.

Avoid Darker Colors

Another suggestion I would give you is to avoid more of red color as it is the fastest to fade usually. Experts say that the crimson color pigments are larger than usual. So these are released from the cuticles way too faster than normal black or brown colors.

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I guess, hair coloring is not that simple that we thought as the hair require nourishment. Also  to prevent the color from fading, we are supposed to invest more of time and care than the usual. But at the same time, it is all the more necessary to hide those greys if you are already seeing some in your hair. So go for it but then nurture your hair well.

Have you tried these tips to prolong hair color?

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