What Celebrities Wear On Long Flights


What Celebrities Wear On Long Flights

Travelling is fun no doubt, but sometimes, it can be tiresome too. Whenever we travel on an airplane or sit through a long car, bus or train ride, it’s easy to end up looking really tired and messy. So your traveling looks should always be comfortable and as well as stylish. We have to keep in mind the hours we have to spend traveling, thus comfort factor is truly essential.

Our Bollywood divas have to travel a lot. Shooting for films, then promotions, music launches, store openings, brand launches and so on. They spend half of their life traveling. Being celebrities, they have to look stylish and chic all the time, during travel too.
Thus, today I’ll be sharing what celebrities wear in long flights.

Victoria Beckham


celebrity clothing on flights


She always thinks she is on red carpet or on the runway and that is why she is always ramp ready. Her approach to airport ensembles is comfortable yet astonishingly stylish and straightforward. From expertly tailored coats, jackets and Louboutin or YSL fierce heels to Hérmes or Louis Vuitton bags, and over sized sunglasses to shield off the flashbulbs. She makes sure she looks perfect.

Deepika Padukone


what to wear on flights


She is a pro at carrying out her casual avatar, with great élan, panache and style. From camouflage jeans, white jumpsuits and pristine skater dress to ripped-off jeans, printed palazzos, net tops and chic shrugs. She looks great in everything she wears.

Priyanka Chopra


comfortable dressing for flight


No one looks as comfy and as cool as Priyanka in airport outings. From sexy nerd looks, to animal prints or fun poppy colors, she turns head always.

Anushka Sharma


anushka sharma travel style


She is spotted in her uber casual, chic and comfortable jeans or trousers teamed with tees or shirts. The bubbly actress looks too cute in them.

Alia Bhatt


alia bhatt travel style


She is spotted always in her favorite casuals- leggings, shorts, sweatshirt and sneakers and definitely the chic Michel Kors handbag. She looks relaxed and effortlessly beautiful. Love how hot and how cool she is looking in the black and white mini skirt and simple black shirt look. No makeup, no accessories and looking as fab as usual. Alia never shies away from showing off her toned long legs.

Shraddha Kapoor


Shraddha kapoor travelling style


She is someone who can dazzle even without makeup. The multi printed top and plain black bottom. The pop green travel trolley is so cool.

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton style for long flight


Paris Hilton is called “Airport Paparazzi Pro”. She always travels in flats, but is sure to keep her look clean and simple.

Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor flight styling


The begam has a distinctive uber class fashion. She is spotted in casual jeans and trousers with complementing tops.

Kangna Ranaut


kangna ranaut travel style


How can we miss the new queen of Bollyland? She travels with minimum makeup, comfy clothes and a very carefree attitude.

These are what our celebs choose to wear during their flies to the sky. They know they’ll be chased by shutterbugs and scrutinized every time, and almost every time these celebs impress us.

Which is your favorite look amongst these celebrities?

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