What Color Lipstick Should I Wear


What Color Lipstick Should I Wear

There are an overwhelming endless numbers of lip color palette, lipsticks, glosses and stains at the makeup counter and infact we have a huge bunch of lipsticks in out vanity, this very often puts us in the dilemma of “What Color Lipstick Should I Wear?”


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Not all colors may suit, some may make you look washed out while some may make you look ghastly. Agree to this girls; a lipstick is not just a makeup product but is more like a beauty accessory which can make or ruin your look.

To make the lipstick color selection process easy for you, today I shall share some tips that will help you in choosing the lips color that you should wear. Read On.

Identify Your Undertone


Medium-Wheatish Complexion Skin Tone

Just like we do for the right foundation, we do the same for the right lipstick- Know The Skin Undertone.

There are basically three kinds of skin undertones- Pink which cooler, Yellow which is warmer and Neutral.

If your veins on your wrist are blue then you have got cooler undertones and if your veins appear more of green then you have warmer undertones. If both green and blue seem to appear then you are the lucky gamer here who has Neutral undertones.

Alternatively you can try wearing gold and silver jewellery. If silver suits you then you supposedly have cooler undertones, if gold suits you then you have warmer skin tones and if both suit you then you have neutral undertones.

Know Which Shades Work With Your Undertone

Focusing on your undertones is always the safest bet to assure that you do not go wrong with a lip color. For yellow undertones, stick to warmer colors and for pink undertones, look for shades with blue or purple tones in them. Neutral undertones can play around with all colors.

There are few colors which I believe everyone should avoid. Lip colors with gray, ashy or overly pale feel can often make the skin look sick or unhealthy and are universally unflattering.

Wear According to Skin Tone


identifying your skin tone

Similar to skin undertone there are skin tones too which are usually understood as complexions. Precisely there are fair, medium and deep/dark skin tones.

Fair skin can play up with most lip colors, light pinks, bold reds and deep colors can be a fun way to play can look fantastic. Avoid any color too light or with too much of a yellow undertone so that you don’t look washed out.

For darker skin tones deeper skin tones are more flattering. Medium skin tones have more colors to play with.

However despite of all the skin tone theory I prefer wearing lip colors that make me happy and do not make me look dull, and I suggest you too can flaunt your favorite color if that’s making you happy even if the color is not following this theory.

For Everyday Wear


best nude lipsticks for brown girls

For everyday it is always a wise idea to find a MLBB shade. Find a color that is one to two shades deeper than your natural lips. To find this out right, apply lipstick or gloss to one lip. If the color you applied is just a shade or two deeper than your bare lip, then you’ve found your MLBB shade.

Universal Flattering Colors

Pink and Reds are two universal flattering shades. Experiment with different shades of pink and red to find the best suited one. Pink and red look good on all skin tones, and work well with most outfits and hairstyles.

To know the best suited red lipstick check out this awesome article by Madhubani here.

Day/ Night or Occasion

While selecting a lip colors keep in mind the time and occasion of the day. During the day, the idea is to look as if you are not wearing much of makeup so try and keep your lip color subtle.
While for the nights go bold with lip colors. However there are times when you there is a party during day, in such a case see the party setting, if it is an celebration held indoors then you can try getting bold but if it is an outdoor party like a beach party then stay with subtle lip colors.

Pair The Right Shade With The Right Look



Matching your dress exactly with the lip color is a strict no;

If you are flaunting Bold Lips, keep rest of the face makeup light limited just to mascara and a bit of brown eyeliner close to lash line.

If you are sporting the smokey eye look, opt for nude or light shades of brown and pinks.

Lip Shape


L’Oreal Pure Reds Star Collection PURE SCARLETO

Here the shade and the finish matters a lot. If you have full lips bold & deep lip colors and matte finish look good on you. And if you have thin lips then glossy, creamy finishes and lighter shades are made for you, the creaminess will add to give a plumper look.

The darker the lip color, the smaller your lips will look just as it goes for your eyes. The lighter and brighter the shades, the larger they will appear.

These were some tips and tricks for you to choose what lip color should your wear. I hope it helps. One more point to always keep in my mind is try a lipstick before you purchase it, some lipstick shades make look deceitful in bullets and may appear different on lips.

Have you got any additional idea? Do not hesitate in adding in, we love suggestions  :-))

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