What Do You Like More:Eyeshadow Or Eyeliner ?



  1. Good morning! I can’t live without my eyeliners whereas I don’t even remember the last time I went out with eyeshadow on. I guess it has more to do with my apprehension of looking like a clown if I do it wrong.

    • Swati but even if u use single eyesadow shades like MAC deep truth or some other shade you wont go wrong .u must get into it ..its makes so much of difference..for ex just smudging inglot 74 eyeliner all over my eyes made so much of a difference than the eyeliner 🙂

      • I think smudging eyeliner would be a good way to ease into eyeshadows…thanks for the tip, A!!

        I will start with single colors first, I guess!

  2. I dont do eye make up much. I am a Kohl person completely. But if forced to choose it will be eye shadows.- as in a sheer wash of colour. Thats about it.

  3. eyeliners any day – mostly becos I can wear eyeliners every day and not eyeshadows. also, i havent still mastered the art of applying eyeshadow. :razzmad:

    in eyeliners – maybelline gel, Faces aqua blue and forest green

  4. I’ve voted for eyeshadow!!! Bcz, with eyeshadow you can do so many things and you can even line your eyes using deep tone eyeshadow. As for eyeliners, you can’t really do much with that. ^_^

  5. In eyeliners.. its Lakme instaliner for the daily wear… and the Jewel Eyeliners (shimmer ones) for parties or to pep my mood up :D…. In eyepencils its mostly Revlon or Colorbar… Plannin to buy Shahnaz Eyeliner after reading ur reviews and also some Faces products…


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