What Do You Need To Do To Become A Air Hostess


I am sure most girls at one point or the other in their life say I want to be an air-hostess! I was one of them and also fulfilled my dream as most of you know . I was with Jet airways for about 8 yrs. and had a good time .Finally I decided to quit as my dad also needed help in the family business and I was yearning for a change.I will not deny that being a part of the service industry has taught me many valuable lessons.




being an airhostess


The general perception is that air-hostesses and flight pursers live very glamorous lives! Nothing can be further from the truth. Theres a lot of hard work involved behind the glamorous facade of pretty girls and fancy aircrafts! The glamour , my girl is the person herself..all dressed an made up . The hours are long and odd .. The flights are hectic and you cannot let your makeup and smile slip!


One important thing that this job had taught me was to face every adversity with a calm n cool mind! We have had our share of medical emergencies , baby getting scalded when her mom accidentally dropped tea when bad weather hit and heart attacks on board.Being in a service industry always empowers you to make someones day and that is something that used to make me very happy! You get to meet people from all walks of life and one very big lesson i learnt in all these years is that you can breeze through any difficult situation with a polite word and a smile !


Pre-requisites to enter the aviation industry as a cabin crew:

1.Height has to be over 5’2″ .. No excuses here! I have seen girls coming to interviews with high heels thinking they can get away with it , but girls the height is checked at the interview.The reason why theres a minimum height requirement is to enable one to reach the overhead bins.

2) Clear complexion:Skin must be devoid of acne marks blemishes it atleast concealable      with makeup .But it does not end here .You have to look after your skin all thru the flying tenure. Even if u get one pimple you  will be grounded till it goes away or it can be concealed well

3) Weight: This , girls, is extremely important. Your weight has to be in proportion to your height and has to stat that way . There are regular weight checks in all private airlines. Most of you who have flown Air India must be thinking that the crew there are fat and old .. But then we all know what kinda impression that kind of a look gives.

4) Pleasant personality: A pleasant personality is required for your own sanity . If you have the ability to smile through most situations then you will be a natural in dealing with passengers and infact be able to calm them down when they are irate. More than looks , a pleasant personality is what the selectors look for in a candidate.

5)Education requirement: 10 +2 and fluency in english and hindi .


Grooming guidelines are very very different in a service industry than from other workplaces with a formal dress code. Aviation and hotels take formal dressing to a new level altogether. That is why its very easy to distinguish a service person from the person whose dressed for office or meetings.You cannot have a hair out of place or chipped nail paint. Those are grounds for been taken off duty for a flight or a shift!!

I once got into trouble for wearing pink lippie instead of the regulation peach lippie .. Yes girls its that strict! Like a school but thats the way standards are maintained !

If you are more than two kilos overweight then you will be taken of flight duties. In the next part I will elaborate more on grooming and the advantages and disadvantages of the aviation industry


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    • yes well said.every girls wants to become an air hostess nd i have also nd my problem is my english . i have no fluency but i m a good communicator every body wants to listen me as well as i have good height5.7 . nd i m very sincere ,loyal, honest girl so can i become a air hostess.

  1. omg! Seems like u can get grounded for a million trivial reasons :laugh: But hats off to u for holding firm for 8 years :yes: A pleasing personality can surely get u places but unfortunately u do require a face to match 🙂 Would love to hear more about ur experiences…:-))

  2. Oh man how crazy I was for this..but then when I did my aviation diploma I realised how much more tougher it is in reality….hats off t u for continuing this for so long…

    • arre its like mliitary rule ya… crazy stuff.. u get to learn a lot of life skills but then the nailpaint/lipstick/weight etc gets too much at times.. when i quit i dint wear makeup for 6 months lol… n now i have fun with my pinks n colored eyeshadow coz at that time i cudnt really do it.. i used to go out also with just kajal.. coz after a flight the last thing u wanna do is re apply makeup

  3. oh yeah, one of my closest friends worked for Yemen and Kingfisher Airways, and now works for Qatar. She used to say that she thought Yemen airways was the most forgiving, and Qatar is the strictest.

    • qatar by far is the worst ya!salaries r great but u wear wrong colored stockings.. n by tht i mean a lighter shade of black u cannot go on the flight.. ur hat has a dent .. cant go.. sidelocks not bleached cant go…

    • Qatar also has the most parties na? Some of my pals who got thru Qatar loved it!! It was strict yes, but the fun and d salaries kinda made up for it all.. 😉

      • the salaries are crazy in qatar ..plus ur living expenses are taken care of… so whtever u earn is actually for you and plus its tax free

  4. we literally walk to london and usa… but the long haul aircrafts have crew bunkers which r full size beds with duvets .. each crew gets a two hr break to sleep

  5. Ana the idea was yours .. Infact there should be a career series what say? Im sure lots of ladies come from diff fields have things to say abt their profession ! Like how is to be a full time blogger or what is it like to ve a software engineer?

  6. Shweta its great post…..i wanna know about the shades of blush ,lippies nd eyeshadows you can wear for interview and which base makeup crew use as it stays 4 quite long time….plzz …as my best frnd has to face interview next week …plzz

  7. What airline? The best bet is neutral makeup .. Peach lipticks work best and black eyeliner with a nice neutral eyeshadow .. Tie hair in a bun n paint nails pearly white ..

  8. oh ok.. il tell u indigo groomin regulations.. pink lipstick like hooked on pink and matching nail polish or pearky white nail paint… she has to wear a formal shirt n pencil skit which ends over knees,..tie hair in bun wear a light gold eyeshadow with black eyeliner… another option is bare study paint pot n black liner…blush has to be in pinkish peachish tones… alll the best

    • hay shweta, hope you doing well. after 2 days i have interview in indigo airlines. as u told me about pink lipstick. If i l apply pitch color that will ok? or let me know how i make my hair style as my hair is too short little bit long near my ears. plz let me know.. thnx

  9. Hi… Can i wear vry high heels for Indigo Airlines cabin attndnt intervw? Plz tel me there selectn process n rounds of intrvw?

  10. omg ma’am app itne yrs thk whai the..litrely hats off to u……I jst confused about one thing and that is that my height is 5’1 but I m ok wid my weight hav a beautiful features plz reply me can I became an aishostress by wearing high heels

  11. mam.. actually i have wound marks on my right cheek .. they are little visible.. so shud one have no such marks for bcmng air hostess?

  12. hy.. one of my friends want to go for aviation diplomaby frankfinn institute. she has strech marks on her legs and a long stich mark on hand due to fracture. its mean she is not eligible for airhostess job?

      • Hey, I am 5’4” with wheatish complexion. I can communicate in English and Hindi well. Currently, I am pursuing graduation course from Delhi university. How can I apply for Air hostess? Am I eligible?

      • hlo mam.litteraly wana thank u fr d post :).it guides alot..bt i wana knw more cn u plz tell me abt the courses right nw m in 12 wat should i do aftr dis to cm in ur field ?plz ping me on my gmail.. Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. Well,im very mch intrested to be air hostess its my dream from childhood onwords, but there are some problems with my physical appearance.

  14. Hi shweta,

    Thanks Dear , got to know so many things about this particular profession….. Just a single question…
    What kind of English test will be there if you could give me a brief about that so that i will be able to prepare accordingly..???


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